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SOFREP TV – Moto Assault

Monday, January 15th, 2018

In this episode we spent several days down at Arena Training Facility (ATF) in Blakely, GA. ATF is a 2,300 acre facility with breach sites, airfield, mobility tracks, multi-purpose ranges, shoothouse, and a 2,100 UKD range. A Spectacular spot where you can do just about anything. It’s managed by CSM(R) Eddie Noland from the 75th, who is just a top notch guy. Coming into this event, we had a lot of seat time with the Christini AWD 450 Dirtbikes, so we were able to add complexity. We incorporated the bikes in multiple ways to approach objectives: all off-road, different obstacles, and steep inclines. Next, we practiced shooting off the bikes and really dialing in transition drills with dumping speed quickly, deploying your weapon, shooting, and then moving again. This took practice but like anything else, once you do it enough you start to get better and more comfortable. This practice was key once we executed our sequence at the breach site conducting exterior and interior breaches. A quick approach on the bike, and right into the shoothouse moving room to room. Lastly, we also used the bikes to conduct vehicle interdiction (VI). This involved emplacing and deploying a timber cutting charge, obstructing the vehicles path and then a rapid approach. At the end of the day, the event showcased the variety of ways you could use these bikes as an asset in some very common modes of conduct CONUS or OCONUS.

SOFREP TV Releases Training Cell Episode 8: Moto Mobility

Thursday, September 28th, 2017

NEW YORK – September 27, 2017 – In the latest installment of Training Cell, the team takes to the high country of Idaho where they explore the capability of the Christini AWD 450 dirt bike with Jimmy King of Tactical Mobility Training. Capable of climbing steep and rugged terrain and an ideal platform for environments like Afghanistan, the bike pushes the team to their threshold ending with a few falls, bumps and bruises. The trailer can be viewed online, and the episode is live for subscribers now.


Rugged Mobility in Tough Terrain
Episode 8 follows the Training Cell team as they embark on a two-day course in Sun Valley, Idaho with expert Jimmy King of Tactical Mobility Training. A modern war machine, the Christini AWD 450 has the flexibility and maneuverability that operators need in tough, hostile terrain. The Spec Ops vets learn basic platform functionality—various controls, mechanics, starting and stopping—and work their way up to more advanced techniques like body positions, ascending and descending hills, reactionary drills and more.

“Navigating the unpredictable landscape of Afghanistan can be difficult, but with a platform like the all-wheel-drive Christini, it’s possible for military personnel to go almost anywhere,” said ex-Army Ranger Drew Wallace. “Training with Jimmy gave us the opportunity to put the bike to the test and see first-hand its extreme versatility on the hills of Idaho. We all came to the table with varying levels of motorcycle experience but each left with a new and important skillset. It’s hard not to see the value in a machine that can travel where feet, horses or pack animals can’t—especially in a tactical environment.”

Jimmy King is the owner of Tactical Mobility Training, a company based in Fayetteville, NC. Born from the understanding that wars and battles are often fought in remote locations, Jimmy developed a training regimen to educate and mentor operators who use light mobility platforms on a regular basis. Personnel from SOCOM, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and British Special Forces have trusted Tactical Mobility Training’s staff of former Spec Ops personnel to train and prepare their operators for off-road conflicts for over 17 years.


Training Cell on SOFREP TV
The latest installment on moto mobility is another example of the hard-hitting original programming with the flare only Special Operations veterans can provide. Training Cell takes viewers inside the world of some of the most advanced, highly-trained personnel in the world. From winter warfare and off-road driving to gunfighting—the topics are diverse, but the expert analysis, recommendations and skills provided by the team are evident in every episode.

Training Cell is just one part of the subscription-based SOFREP TV that combines relevant topics, authoritative contributors and behind-the-scenes access and intel delivered on demand. SOFREP TV features and is run by veteran contributors who are sworn to authenticity. The network offers a wide variety of content on its three channels.

Check out the trailer.

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Training Cell on SOFREP TV

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

A friend of mine, 75th Ranger Veteran Drew Wallace, is producing Training Cell for SOFREP TV. Below is a trailer to give you a feel.

The premise of the show is documenting various training the military, or SOF, does across the country; driving, shooting, climbing, etc. They don’t give away any secrets or anything like that, but just a very high level capability overview, focusing on the location, instructors, the gear, and guys.

Check out Chapter 1 of their Shaw Shooting episode.