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Crye Changes Everything

What the didn’t change, they added. I was duly impressed walking into the Crye Precision booth at this year’s SHOT Show. They have completely revamped their clothing line, making improvements to mainstays as well as adding new garments. The G3 Combat Shirt and Pants have received some streamlining and both Combat as well as Field Pants will feature the same pocket configurations. Another cool new feature is that the kneepad pockets have a recessed flap that can be pulled up and close off the kneepad pocket when not needed.

The Field Shell is a softshell jacket with angles pit zips that go around the circumference of a shoulder in much the same manner as a raglan sleeve. This is to accommodate those wearing armor systems. To complement the Field Shell they have developed the All weather Trousers and Combat Shirt. The All Weather Trousers are made from softshell material and the All Weather Combat Shirt is heavier weight than its sibling. Additionally, they are introducing the Wind Liner, a lightweight wind shirt that can be balled up and carried in your kit. Crye also revamped their kneepad, improving both the performance and comfort.

Crye Improved Kneepad

Additionally, they now offer three armor carriers; the CAGE, CAGE Plate Carrier and Jumpable Plate Carrier.
The JPC weighs an astonishing one pound! To help reduce weight Crye developed a skeletal MOLLE system called Airlite MOLLE and integrated new materials into the design.

Air Frame Helmet

In addition to armor, Crye has also introduced their new helmet. A two piece design, the Air Frame helmet is designed to stop frag The Air Frame features a chin strap and new rail system from Ops-Core as well as pads from Team Wendy. The two piece design allows new shapes to be molded and integrated resulting in increased nape coverage. Crye is also producing Chops, a facial protection applique as well as Ears which are armored add ons for the ear area.

Air Frame with Chops

And last but hardly least, Crye has begun to delve into injection molding with the Gun Clip. It is holster-like but Caleb Crye deigns to call it one. Rather, he referred to it as a pistol holder. With this technology, the days of the pull out and puch forward draw stroke are over. The weapon is retained by snapping into place. Due to their proprietary MOLLE compatible mounting solution, this allows you to present the pistol straight forward to the target when chest mounted. Additionally, it completely eliminates the exaggerated draw stroke for those using suppressed weapons. To draw, you simply flick the snap open with your thumb and pop the weapon from the Gun Clip.

Crye Gun Clip

I was told that everything would be available this year.


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  1. […] OP Tactical let us know last night that they now have the Crye Precision GunClip in stock in both Tan and Black. Remember, these only fit the Glock 17, 19, 22 & 23 (right hand draw) and were originally designed for use with a can attached to the pistol. As you can see the holster is also molded to fit a mounted light. Additionally, the holster mounting system is adjustable for PALS webbing or various belt sizes up to 2″ and rotates a full 360 degrees. It makes for a great chest mounted rig. The GunClip has been sought after since its debut at SHOT Show 2010. […]