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Army Seeks FR Patch Kit

PEO-Soldier is seeking a Flame Resistant Uniform Unit level Repair Patch Kit that has the capability to provide Infra Red (IR)/Flame Resistance (FR) protection in a self contained kit. According to the requirement, the “IR/FR Uniform Repair Kit must contain 8 patches (2 3×3,2 4×4, 2 5×5, and 2 5×7 inch kits) made of self adhesive Fire Resistant material that are intended to be used to repair Flame Resistant MultiCam & UCP uniform items.” The patch also needs to “adhere to the FR Army Combat Uniform (FR-ACU), the Improved Combat Vehicle Crewman Coverall (ICVC) and the Aviation Aircrew Combat Uniform (A2CU) or other flame resistant clothing items, covering any holes, rips or tears.”

They have already completed a sources sought notice and should begin to consider technologies soon in order to begin fielding this summer.

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