Hi-Tec Sports and Magnum USA Form Individual Companies

In this business you usually hear about companies gobbling one another up so this is some very interesting news. It seems that Hi-Tec is splitting in two with separate companies being formed for outdoor and tactical markets. From the press release…

Since the inception of Magnum USA in 1982, both companies have functioned as one corporation with shared assets. With each company in a prime position for expansion, Co-Chief Executive Officers Bill Berta and Bob Kaiser will now assume individualized roles as the sole CEO for each brand —with Berta leading Hi-Tec Sports USA, and Kaiser taking the reigns of Magnum USA.

The military and tactical markets have been great for Magnum who supply desert boots to the British services. Additionally, we got a sneak peek of some upcoming Magnum designs last week and they have a 100% MultiCam boot in the works including the sole. As you know, the British military adopted their variant of MultiCam called Multi Terrain Pattern or MTP and they are going after loads of new kit in MTP.

Unfortunately, the Magum reps were a bit stand-offish so we were unable to get any pictures but they did tell us that they would be available at SHOT Show.

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