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DSEI – Waterspider Boot from Magnum/Typhoon

Monday, September 21st, 2015

Made exclusively for Typhoon by Magnum, the Waterspider was designed specifically for maritime operations.


The upper is neoprene reinforced with Superfabric at the instep for use while fastroping. The toe and heel are likewise encased in rubber.

The Waterspider incorporates the Octopod outsole which is both oil and slip resistant. there is also a plate in the insole for stability while climbing ladders. The Black model is zippered while the Green model features a lacing system. Both models have an adjustable ankle strap.

Magnum Intrepid HPi

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

We’ve mentioned the Magnum Intrepid HPi running shoe a couple of times, but it’s been the MultiCam variant. Today, we want to show you their Black model that most of us would wear while PTing. One of the things we like about the shoe is the incorporation of Magnum’s ion-mask technology. It’s a nano-technology waterproof surface treatment that keeps the shoe itself from absorbing water. It also features a dual-density midsole with a 3D counterbalance for stability even on trails and a Seamless Upper Zone Engineering (SUZE) upper design that mixes weave patterns to mold to the contours of your foot. Available in US sizes 7-12 and 13.

Industry Party Benefits Higher Ground

Friday, January 20th, 2012


Last night, an industry party sponsored by Elite Defense, FirstSpear, Insight Technologies, Smith Optics Elite Division, and Magnum raised funds for Higher Ground (a program of Sun Valley Adaptive Sports). Higher Ground provides a multidisciplinary approach to the long-term healing, restoration, and rehabilitation of wounded veterans with TBI/PTSD

The event was attended by many industry professionals along with members of the profession of arms. They were treated to hors d’oeuvres and there was much catching up amongst old friends.

A sumptuous raffle prize table was overflowing with highly sought after tactical products from a variety of vendors. At the end of the night, there were a lot of pleased revelers.

Except us, we didn’t win anything. But that SMG Lee did. He won two prizes. If you know where he lives, you know what to do…say, “Congrats!”

Occupy the Range 2012

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Sponsored by (in no particular order) Smith Optics Elite Division, Elite Defense, FirstSpear, Renegade Armor, Magnum, and L3Warrior Systems Insight, Occupy the Range 2012 is on!




Diamondhead USA and Orion Design Group are also on hand as well as our friends from Army Times Gear Scout!


Let the games begin!

Magnum V-lite Intrepid HPI MultiCam

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Magnum has loaded the V-lite Intrepid HPI in MultiCam on their UK website. Recently reviewed by our friends at ARRSE, they will be available from Magnum in December.

Magnum to Release MultiCam Boots at SHOT Show

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Magnum is definitely a favored brand of the British armed forces who adopted a MultiCam variant called Multi-Terrain Pattern developed specifically for them by Crye Precision. MTP is restricted to the UK MoD but MultiCam isn’t and due to the matching colorways, it blends right in. As we reported last September Magnum has developed two new boots in the MultiCam pattern. Unfortunately at the time we were unable to take any photos but here you can see that Magnum went to painstaking detail to manufacture a MultiCam boot that also integrated a camouflage sole. Oddly enough, when our Editor worked with the Australians in Kuwait in 98 some of them had Taipan boots with camo soles. Apparently, they had noted that their troops stuck out while in the prone due to their solid colored soles but the project was just a one off and didn’t go anywhere. Interestingly, the Canadians looked at camo soles recently and found that the enhancement made no discernible improvement in the Soldier’s signature.

At any rate, we wouldn’t be surprised to see some serious interest in these across the Pond. In fact, one of Magnum’s advisors on the project is a former Royal Marine Both the Sidewinder and Spider are impressive and include the ion-maskâ„¢ hydrophobic surface enhancement which essentially shrink wraps the entire boot so that it cannot absorb moisture into the materials.

The Sidewinder includes printed suede patches and looks to be the heavier of the two.

The Spider is one helluva boot combining numerous special touches such as a patch of super fabric to mitigate wear and tear on the boot during fast roping as well as a Tec-Tuff leather toeguard, Vent-Guardâ„¢ sandproof ventilator technology, and TPU exoframe reinforcement for increased stability.

Check them out in booth #11164.

Hi-Tec Sports and Magnum USA Form Individual Companies

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

In this business you usually hear about companies gobbling one another up so this is some very interesting news. It seems that Hi-Tec is splitting in two with separate companies being formed for outdoor and tactical markets. From the press release…

Since the inception of Magnum USA in 1982, both companies have functioned as one corporation with shared assets. With each company in a prime position for expansion, Co-Chief Executive Officers Bill Berta and Bob Kaiser will now assume individualized roles as the sole CEO for each brand —with Berta leading Hi-Tec Sports USA, and Kaiser taking the reigns of Magnum USA.

The military and tactical markets have been great for Magnum who supply desert boots to the British services. Additionally, we got a sneak peek of some upcoming Magnum designs last week and they have a 100% MultiCam boot in the works including the sole. As you know, the British military adopted their variant of MultiCam called Multi Terrain Pattern or MTP and they are going after loads of new kit in MTP.

Unfortunately, the Magum reps were a bit stand-offish so we were unable to get any pictures but they did tell us that they would be available at SHOT Show.