Magnum to Release MultiCam Boots at SHOT Show

Magnum is definitely a favored brand of the British armed forces who adopted a MultiCam variant called Multi-Terrain Pattern developed specifically for them by Crye Precision. MTP is restricted to the UK MoD but MultiCam isn’t and due to the matching colorways, it blends right in. As we reported last September Magnum has developed two new boots in the MultiCam pattern. Unfortunately at the time we were unable to take any photos but here you can see that Magnum went to painstaking detail to manufacture a MultiCam boot that also integrated a camouflage sole. Oddly enough, when our Editor worked with the Australians in Kuwait in 98 some of them had Taipan boots with camo soles. Apparently, they had noted that their troops stuck out while in the prone due to their solid colored soles but the project was just a one off and didn’t go anywhere. Interestingly, the Canadians looked at camo soles recently and found that the enhancement made no discernible improvement in the Soldier’s signature.

At any rate, we wouldn’t be surprised to see some serious interest in these across the Pond. In fact, one of Magnum’s advisors on the project is a former Royal Marine Both the Sidewinder and Spider are impressive and include the ion-maskâ„¢ hydrophobic surface enhancement which essentially shrink wraps the entire boot so that it cannot absorb moisture into the materials.

The Sidewinder includes printed suede patches and looks to be the heavier of the two.

The Spider is one helluva boot combining numerous special touches such as a patch of super fabric to mitigate wear and tear on the boot during fast roping as well as a Tec-Tuff leather toeguard, Vent-Guardâ„¢ sandproof ventilator technology, and TPU exoframe reinforcement for increased stability.

Check them out in booth #11164.

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