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Daniel Defense and Vickers Tactical Team Up to Produce Instructional Videos

Larry Vickers recently invited SSD to C2 Shooting Center for a behind the scenes glimpse of production of his instructional training videos. Produced by Daniel Defense, filming was conducted by his very accomplished crew from Tactical Impact. Fourteen very lucky students were invited in for two days of free training from Larry Vickers. In exchange for the free training, they will be immortalized along with Larry on his multi-disc Blue Ray tactical carbine and handgun videos.

In fact, these should be available for order next week on Black Friday. Keep your eyes peeled for word on as well as They are great for those students who can’t make it to a Vickers course, as a refresher for previous students, or as sheer entertainment for the enthusiast. Larry Vickers is a wealth of knowledge and spends ample time providing insight on why he uses the TTPs he does as well as a constant running history lesson.

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