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Hot Off the Press: Extreme Outfitters First in US to Offer Blackhawk Gear in MultiCam

We just heard about this this morning and it’s pretty exciting news for Blackhawk! fans. BPG introduced a range of products in MultiCam in Europe earlier this year. In the interim, the Army adopted the pattern as the operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern. Consequently, Extreme Outfitters politiced to bring those products here in the US as well. In stock now.

JACKSONVILLE, NC – All eyes are on the Brynn Marr Shopping Center on Western Boulevard this week as hundreds of the latest Blackhawk! MultiCam items arrived.
“We’re the first ones to get it – the only place in the country,” said Extreme Outfitters store manager Marion Plocica. “There are 2600 items – between 50 to 100 of each of a select group of products.”
The shipment includes pouches, packs, patrol belts, drop-leg platforms, medical bags, sniper drag bags and shooting mats – just to name a few. The gear in the new MultiCam camouflage pattern is so fresh from the factory that there aren’t many photographs of the original items available.
“It’s so new the manufacturer doesn’t even have pictures yet,” said Extreme Outfitters marketing director Chris Evans.
These are all in such high demand with a rapid military deployment schedule due to all the action in Afghanistan, that VIP customers can use their traditional 10 percent discount alone, but not in conjunction with any other specials.

According to Plocica, the gear is fresh for the holidays and in keeping with the spirit of Christmas, as U.S. troops keep American interests safe miles away from home and far from their families.

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