Lowa Zephyr Mk2 GTX

First Photos of the C4Grip from Silynx

We’ve already told you where to see Silynx at SHOT Show (booth #5100) and yes, it looks to be tucked back in a corner so be vigilant and make sure you find it because once you are there you will be able to see the new C4Grip.

Silynx kept telling us that they had something unexpected coming and this is certainly it. This thing really took us by surprise. They have not only integrated a wireless push-to-talk as well as controls for an ATPIAL and weapons light into the grip but have also made it somewhat modular, promising the ability to swap out grips for color and shape. Additionally, they are offering some pimpage in the form of laser engraving on the grip. Last but certainly not least, the grip is hollow and features a removable folding knife.


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