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Corps Strength – Bare Foot Running???

In his monthly fitness training feature, Retired Marine PJ Roarke, discusses his concerns about protecting your feet during training. Interestingly, we were first introduced to MGunz, as he is known, by Bates Footwear and he is a steadfast supporter of their boots not only for duty wear but for physical fitness training as well. He doesn’t work for Bates, he wears them.

When it comes to information about health, diet and fitness the only thing that you can truly count on is that it will change. Guidance seems to travel in a big circle every few years. High carb, low fat, no carb, heavy weights, light weights, no weights, running, no running, etc, etc. One day this is the best way to train, tomorrow it’s no good. You have to use this new method, new supplement, new gear, or eat this and don’t eat this. For some reason people always think that they have to try something new to get results and they mistrust the basics? Now 99% of this stuff is just a fad that will quickly pass as some new nonsense comes along to take its place. However once in a while something comes along that (IMO) is not only silly but dangerous. What I’m speaking of here is the new fad of “Barefoot” running. Not just in truly barefoot, but the new “Barefoot” running shoes. Now if you are a person whose occupation has you shining chair with your ass for most of your time than this may not be a big deal. However if you are in the military, firefighting, law enforcement, construction work or any field that operates on your feet, than this barefoot training can put your livelihood in jeopardy. Your feet need to be protected, not only when your at work but when your training. In my book Corps Strength I wear and recommend boots for training. I don’t even think running shoes are sturdy enough for what you need, but they are 100x better than these new barefoot “slippers”. IMO they will surely lead to injury. Now don’t send me any scientific studies that were done by the barefoot shoe companies on college students and pro athletes. I live and work in the real world not in a lab. Just the thought of carrying a combat load, or even just running in those things makes my feet hurt. Not to mention what it would do to your knees and back. If you’re a working person do yourself (and your feet) a favor and get some Bates boots to train and work in (I use Dura-Shocks) and leave the “Barefoot Training” to the Cavemen. Did I mention that the average lifespan of a Caveman was about 40?

Good luck and Semper Fi

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