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A-TACS SHOT Show 2011 Roundup

Digital Concealment Systems released a great roundup of all things A-TACS from SHOT Show 2011. Rather than steal their thunder, we thought it best to show you a couple of our favorites and then send you on over to check out the entire list.

We’ve mentioned the upcoming TAC-U combat shirt from Propper. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Tactical Assault Gear unveiled their Combat Sustainment Pack at SHOT Show. We figured the web would have blown up already over this one but it looks like it is starting to receive some attention. Designed to be used to augment a chest rig load or as a bailout bag, one of this pack’s coolest features is that it includes a CCB (combat casualty bag) used to carry a down man’s kit while he is being moved, treated and extracted. Our friends at TAG have sent one along to us so be on the lookout for a review soon.

Make sure you read the whole thing so you can dig into the details at

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