Kick Ass Caps

Have you ever found yourself looking for classic military cap styles in modern camo patterns? Well, some of you may have but I bet after seeing these most of you will want them too. Slangvel, a disabled US Army vet who later went on to work for the Veterans Administration hand crafts various styles of military caps. Many camo and militaria collectors will recognize the significance of the name. The term Slangvel is Afrikaans for snake skin and was used to used to refer to SADF para smocks which featured texturised nylon elbow patches.

Slangvel currently manufactures M43-styles, Bigeards, Recce Hats, 2″ Brim Boonie Hats, Berets, and Rhodesian Kepis. Currently, all offerings are made via eBay as they come off the line so you have to check back regularly to ascertain available styles and patterns. Word is that Slangvel will undertake commissions in patterns he does not stock if you can supply the fabric. Additional charges may apply.

Two weeks ago I ordered a MultiCam M43-style as well as a MultiCam and AOR2 Recce Hats. Overall, craftsmanship is excellent and the patterning follows the original caps. Stitching is flawless. The M43 fits like a glove and had the perfect crumple right out of the box. The Recce Hat is a Short Brimmed Boonie with shock cord cinch strap, Crye Boonie-style slash air vents with mesh lining and a Day-Glo Orange signal panel sewn into the crown that pulls double duty as a pocket. I can’t say enough good things about these caps.

Those interested in his services should visit Slangvel on eBay.

He has also asked me to provide his email address for those interested in custom work. [email protected]


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