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ATK Awarded XM25 Contract

Back in early February we published a story about the deployment of three of the 25mm XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement Systems to Afghanistan for a Forward Area Operational Assessment. Word was that the weapons were performing well and the only real question was how to fund additional development of the system.

System developer ATK has announced today that they were awarded a 30 month, $65.8 Million contract for the Engineering and Manufacturing Development Phase by the US Army. EM&D is the next step toward full development and fielding for a program of record. The technology behind the XM25 is impressive. The system includes not only the basic weapon and ammunition but also target acquisition and fire control systems which integrate the thermal sight with direct-view optics, laser rangefinder, compass, fuze-setter, ballistic computer, laser pointer and illuminator.

“The XM25 provides the soldier on the ground a precision weapon to quickly and accurately engage targets behind cover or exposed targets, at ranges and accuracies not seen in today’s small arms,” said Bruce DeWitt, Vice President and General Manager of ATK’s Advanced Weapons Division. “A soldier using basic rifle marksmanship skills can effectively engage targets in less than five seconds while also reducing the chances for collateral damage.”

Interestingly, ATK is referring to the XM25 as the Individual Semi-Automatic Airburst System rather than the Counter Defilade Target Engagement System that we have seen in times past.

In addition to program lead ATK, the team also includes Heckler & Koch and L-3 Brashear.

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5 Responses to “ATK Awarded XM25 Contract”

  1. FormerDirtDart says:

    “Interestingly, ATK is referring to the XM25 as the Individual Semi-Automatic Airburst System rather than the Counter Defilade Target Engagement System that we have seen in times past.”

    I would guess “Eye-Sass” sounds better than CDTES. Plus, counter defilade targets are only one aspect of the weapon’s potential use.

  2. Lawrence says:

    Very interesting. As an old M203 gunner, I can see a lot of advantages to this system.

    However, I’d still like to see how it stacks up against the USMC’s M32 6-shot 40mm launcher (taking in to account any sighting system and ammunition enhancements the M32 might need for complete parity). And I also hope that ATK spend part of that money on changing the colour from black to CB or FDE or OD…

  3. Administrator says:

    Lawrence, I have seen a model in UCP. How does that strike you?

  4. G.B. says:

    @Lawrence: The airburst capability allows you to create a similar sized or larger lethal area (Number of square meters within which the probability of incapacitation of enemy personnel is 50% or higher) to a 40mm HE grenade, whilst at the same time reducing the overall size and weight of the projectile.

    It also has a singnificantly higher muzzle velocity (around 300 m/s, compared to the 100m/s of a 40 mike mike) which increases the effective range to between 800 and 1000 yards, three times as much as the 40mm. The higher velocity also reduces the time-to-target by a factor of 3 and produces a much flatter trajectory.

    Currently the closest system to the XM25 is the Neopup P.A.W. 20mm:


    From the figures so far, it seems the XM25 will out-perform it, especially considering the thermal vision and ballistics computer, which will greatly increase detection and engagement ranges.

  5. Lawrence says:

    @GB – that all sounds good, thanks.

    @Eric – how do you think that grabs me? “How to make a good ting bad.” (To paraphrase Rastamouse).