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Esther Gear – Concealed Carry for the Ladies

A lady might carry a gun but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to carry it in a good looking bag. Esther Gear builds bags that can’t quite be described as traditional purses but are definitely outdoor chic meaning, you wouldn’t wear them for a night on the town, but make great EDC bags paired with a Gore-tex jacket.

Their Haddasah purse features ample storage. It conceals a handgun in its own separate pocket and holster and also includes a secure zip pocket for important items such as a check book and wallet. There is also an outside pocket that closes with a magnetic closure and buckle. Finally, two hung pockets are located between the main zipper compartment and outside pocket for phone and keys.

Check them out at esthergear.com.

Note: The ladies we spoke with informed us that the bright colors looked less conspicuous than the black models.


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