Get Out The Vote! Only 48 Hours Left

Voting will close at 1200Z on Friday, 22 April 2011 for the SSD Camo Design Contest. That $500 gift card from GSS is still on the line. We have received over 1000 votes so far. It’s not too late for your favorite pattern. Keep the votes coming and spread the word.

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4 Responses to “Get Out The Vote! Only 48 Hours Left”

  1. and CC storms into the lead! Will they be able to keep it up?

  2. James Park says:

    So more than 100 people suddenly decided to all vote for CC within 2 hours, this has hack written all over it.

  3. Andrew Yeo says:

    ^ I don’t even think CC can be considered as a camo lol, looks like someone just cut some random shapes, colored and 3d beveled

  4. Administrator says:

    Voting anomalies noted