For the Ladies- Women’s Tactical Association

Founded in 2009 by Chicago Police Officer Karen Bartuch, the Women’s Tactical Association is dedicated to bringing training in the areas of firearms, fitness, tactics and combat mindset to female law enforcement. Membership is open to men as well as women and they offer training opportunities. It’s great to see an organization that focuses on women in the tactical community and we encourage them to broaden their scope beyond just LE.

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3 Responses to “For the Ladies- Women’s Tactical Association”

  1. Stefan says:

    Oh darn I broke a nail!

  2. Juan Brvo says:

    WTA is G2G, I am member… and not just to meet hottie cops. Well ok maybe… 🙂 but the RDT&E program is legit, and tons of open/free range days.

  3. Editor says:

    Now that sounds like a great endorsement