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Marine Corps Running Suit Now Available

Introduced initially to new Marine boots, then Recruiters, and finally the FMF, the running suit by New Balance has been unavailable, save issue to Active Duty Marines. Now, the official USMC Physical Training Uniform is available to all active duty, retired and all DoD card holders. We have seen all of the service physical fitness gear and quite frankly, the Marine Corps got it right by working with New Balance. They have over 100 years of experience building performance products for athletes.

The New Balance Marine Corps running suit incorporates lightweight performance fabrics in an athletic design to keep you training regardless of the weather. The wind and water resistant jacket and pants have 360° reflectivity and strategically placed vents to for increased visibility and comfort. This is a Berry compliant garment meaning Made in USA with US materials.

Available through the Marine Corps Exchange as well as at www.shopnewbalance.com/USMC.

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3 Responses to “Marine Corps Running Suit Now Available”

  1. Manny says:

    I’m really hating right now. I’ve always wondered why the military doesn’t just put a bid out there to 3 major atheltic apparel companies like Nike, Adidas, NB, Puma etc and get one of the best products at a great price point instead of reinventing the wheel. Well the Marines have just gone and done it and I’m jealous. 2 PT uniform revisions and the USAF still has the worst one of the bunch, and they cost more than the Marines’.

  2. straps says:

    +1 on the hatin’ jealousy.

    Because so many Army personnel are fat bodies, all of us have to look like a bag of ass in our PTs.

    And now that anyone with an ID can buy one, the Marine retirees in my office now have a cool new piece of moto gear to rub in my face…

  3. SemperYut says:

    360 degree reflective material…but you still need a reflective belt if you go for a run in the thing. because if you and the 200+ other marines in your formation run arent wearing reflective belts, the terrorists win.