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SureFire HellFighter 4

SureFire will be exhibiting the new HellFighter 4 (HF4) weapon light next week at Warrior Expo West. Intended as a weaponlight / searchlight / IR illuminator, the HF4 features two settings; High: 3,000 lumens and Low: 1,000 lumens and also offers a strobe setting.

The biggest improvement is the internal rechargeable lithium ion battery pack that will run the HF4 at full output for 30 minutes which is in addition to the 12v vehicle or BA-5590 power adapters. Additionally, the HF4 features a dual swing-open filter/cover system, allowing white light, filtered infrared, or an opaque protective cover. Finally, the HF4’s reflector has also been modified to improve beam reach and offer wider peripheral light for situational awareness.

SureFire has ingeniously integrated the carrying handle for dismounted use into the weapon mount. The mount itself has also been modified to include both the original heavy-duty T-rail clamp as well as an intermediary adapter mount that permits attaching the HF4 to a Picatinny rail. The HF4 kit includes mounting hardware and tools as well as power cables. For a full list of features and tech data check out this product brochure.

HellFighter 4 by SureFire


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One Response to “SureFire HellFighter 4

  1. jellydonut says:

    Frankly, still playing catch-up to the Polarion Helios, which has been around since 2004.

    Now *that* light is the pinnacle of handheld illumination. They also make a military-oriented rendition, the cheesily named Night Reaper which I believe is adopted and has an NSN.