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Rumor Has It – Updated

Actually, a very good most excellent source has it that Osama bin Ladin was brought to justice with a 7.62 5.56 weapon. In fact, I was told it was a Colt CM901. Well the whole 901 bit turned out to be a bad piece of info, but from a good source. However, UBL was gunned down using German engineering – the HK416 which was my gut feeling from the very beginning. This is confirmed to the point that I feel comfortable updating this story. Ultimately, as my readers have pointed out, it doesn’t matter what got him so long as he is dead.

Good hunting boys…


62 Responses to “Rumor Has It – Updated”

  1. Goose71 says:

    Damn. I want one even more now…

  2. Garcia says:

    Actually he was put down with 87gr. 5.56mm ammo, custom made in Texas.

    The ammo dumped all of its energy into his skill.

  3. Bogie says:

    What killed him? An American. Anything else was a tool.

  4. Mark says:

    Oh God…It’s already started….

    In before Multicam, Rubberband on stock, Piston AR, etc…

  5. BSG11 says:

    To be fair, this would be quite a marketing victory. “Our gun killed Osama”, or in the case of the CM901, “Our gun that isn’t actually in official use yet killed Osama.”

  6. Stefan says:

    Chuck Norris threw the bullet at Osama!

  7. FormerSFMedic says:

    Iam extremely skeptical about the CM901 being used. If DEVGRU was testing it, I doubt they would take a T&E gun on a crucial mission like this. Not only that, but what advantage would this gun have for them on a mission like this?….. None. They already have and field the MK17 SCAR-H, and they love it! If it was a 7.62, which I don’t know if it was or wasn’t, it was probably the SCAR-H. What do u guys think?

  8. Garcia says:

    M4A1 10.5″ barrel, suppressed. 87 gr. 5.56.

  9. Strike-Hold says:

    I’m sure Eric wouldn’t have posted that if he didn’t have a high degree of assurance about the accuracy of the report.

    At any rate, it is interesting that we’re busy swapping the Afghans and Iraqis over to 5.56mm, while we seem to be quietly fielding more and more 7.62mm rifles…

  10. Editor says:

    That unit doesn’t use the SCAR-L or the SCAR-H.

  11. FormerSFMedic says:

    Iam 100% sure The Unit uses the SCAR-H. What makes u say they don’t? Not trying to start a big issue but I would like to know what your thoughts are. It’s no secret that the SEALS have been hugely successful with the system. I have also talked to my own sources on this.

  12. I’m unaware of SCARs in use by the unit in question as well…

  13. Miniman says:

    There are quite a few pictures of said unit in the curent uniform (AOR2) using Scar-H.

  14. Charles Taylor says:

    FormerSFMedic: First of all, The Unit refers to Delta (or CAG, ACE, whatever the hell you want to call them), not DEVGRU. If you’re going to claim that you have “sources” at least get your Tier 1 groups straight.

    Secondly, while DEVGRU may have SCAR-H’s in their arsenal I highly doubt these guys are limited to a single weapon system. I’m betting every guy on the team can pick whatever the hell they want to use as long as they have spare parts and ammo.

  15. Smoothie says:

    Hate to break news to everone, SOG/SAD kicked door….you can take it from there………

  16. sm says:

    SCARS were pulled off the shelves last year (CRANE Memo) for destroying mounted electro optics…

    DG is a black hole, no info every escapes it unless intended… everything else is DISINFO

  17. X says:

    Strike Hold and SM are correct, the only two that commented about this that do not just flap their gums.

    Eric does not post anything without good info.

  18. Durant says:

    So now everybody talks like they were actually there and know all the details? Too much time on the lazy boy.

  19. sm says:

    Eric knows the OP focus, boys from the Neck are outstanding body snatchers.

    Think the bearded one is eating one of our fine vegetarian MRE’s right about now….?

    Is it a fact Sami is with Davy Jones or is he being interrogated?

    How much more is he worth INTEL wise, and do you believe everything you see on the tube?

  20. GearScout says:

    I’m surprised that nobody has mentioned the HK416 as the Qaeda Killer.

  21. X says:

    The 416s were supposed to have been recalled last year and sent to Crane.

  22. FormerSFMedic says:

    Charles Taylor: For one, I said “the unit” because that is what “editor” said in his comment. I can only assume he is talking about DEVGRU, unless he thinks Delta did the the raid, in which case he is on a totally different story.
    For two: I only comment here to express my thought and theories in order to have conversation with other dialed in end users/enthusiast. Sometimes trying to correct someone in this forum on something that they didn’t need to be corrected on could be viewed as ignorant.
    Three: I never said that it had to be a SCAR-H, I only said that it would make more sense given the mission profile. I’m sure there were many different weapons on the raid. Next time maybe you should stop worrying about looking like you know everything and comment on the subject at hand.

  23. GearScout says:

    Well, my guess is on a Mk18 with the HK416 as a close second.I saw HK416s on the battlefield in February of last year, though the recall could have come later.

    What do we win if we’re right, SS?

  24. Dahl says:

    Should have tasered him in the balls.

  25. ShadowTacticsUSA says:

    Ruger 10-22…. Simple, accurate, light and in ample supply:-) Garryowen!

  26. Swimski says:

    Nothing like a 75otm to make a neput knock. You guys are kidding me with this Colt CM scuttle. Get the fuck off my obstacle shit birds!!!

  27. Jack Luz says:

    If Bin Laden was struck by a 7.62 round, half his head would have been gone and barely intact. That round has more knock-down power than the 5.56. I could be wrong.

    If you remember the TV show Navy NCIS, where agent Caitlin Todd (Sasha Alexander) was killed off by a sniper, she was struck by a Lapua round and not a 7.62. The Lapua round would leave the head intact. 5.56 and 9mm would leave clean holes on Bin Laden and he would not look like “street pizza”.

    Whatever did the job, it pretty much boiled down to the silent/quiet professionals to get the job done, regardless of what type of weapon they used, whether American made or otherwise.

    If the weapon used had been Israeli made, it would have been satisfying retribution for Israel.

  28. J.S. Steinman says:

    You seriously think an elite special forces unit used a Ruger 10/22? I hope you’re kidding.

  29. Dero says:

    J.S. Steinman:

    I don’t know of any units besides the secret squirrel ARFcommers who use the 10/22 in combat for plausible deniability.

  30. X says:


  31. Administrator says:

    Gear Scout, you win a full set of the new SSD patches.

  32. Monster says:

    Wow, did Soldier Systems get paid by Colt for this BS piece? Why no retraction after finding out what everyone knew to be false already, just a quiet update with some strike throughs on the original post?

    No I was not paid by anyone for the post. I corrected the info once I received several sources of corroborating data. The original info came from a valued source who has been correct in the past, but as I received the info so soon after the incident I could not implicitly verify it, hence the caveat in the title. Considering the huge amount of laughable reporting in the main stream media regarding the apprehension of UBL I find it odd that you feel the need to demand a retraction from SSD for something so trivial.

  33. Reading is fundamental says:

    Retraction? Can you read? The title was “rumor has it”. If you’re so in the know why don’t you start your own blog dipshit? “everyone knew” my ass.

    They fixed it once they verified the original info was wrong. I’ll stick with soldier systems thank you.

  34. X says:

    Eric, thanks for being diligent and getting info from SEVERAL sources, of course none of this really mattered much in the end.

    It isn’t easy getting info from places that don’t talk about it.(we all know that)

    I think everyone really needs to stand back and understand exactly how hard it is to get any info at all.

    SSD is not even close to looking like the mainstream media buffoons that will tell us bullshit and change the story on the hour.

    Look how many versions of the mission have been told already by POTUS and others including SecState.

    There are a myriad of pics now that are all fake, we know this because none have been released.

    As always I will look here if I want factual info on the subjects that matter to this industry and profession.

    “Monster” was way out of line and should rethink his message, it was not even remotely professional.

    The message here is you owe nothing, you only reported what was said by trusted sources.

  35. Truth says:

    German Engineered, but Delta Force designed. SEAL Team 6 should thank the D-Boys for building an awesome weapon.

    Still think Delta should of been tasked with the raid. They deserved it more.

  36. FormerSFMedic says:

    That sounds more like it! That is something that I would have believed from the begining. Bravo Zulu! to SSD for following up on the story. I cant tell u how impressed Iam with SSD. That goes for KitUp! too. Both sights have always told the story, even if that means contradicting past info. Awsome!

    Oh yea, thanks to the D-Boys for designing an outstanding rifle;)

  37. FormerSFMedic says:

    There has been alot of talk about ammunition selection for this mission in 5.56 and 7.62 alike. The opinion that I have on this, is that DEVGRU used the Brown Tip 5.56 Optimized round. HK 416 is the weapon this round was designed for. What do you guys think?

  38. X says:

    Most likely bullets!!!

    Who knows and it really does not matter.

    I would have selected 75grain HPBT from Hornady using H322 or IMR4895.

    But what do I know….

  39. Jon C. says:


    Please turn the comments back off bro. This is too painful.

  40. […] Soldiersystems.net says that they have received information from a excellent source that Usama bin Laden was done in with the use of an Heckler and Koch 416 rifle. Other reports have been floating around the web such as the tool used was a Sig 226 which has been in use with the SEAL’s since the 1980′s. As SS said in their post, whatever was used to take him out, we are all just glad that he is finally gone. (0) Comments  |  Add Comment Tweet […]

  41. X says:

    Yeah, nothing has been achieved by letting this go on…

  42. ShadowTacticsUSA says:

    Ruger 10-22…. For the record, yea! that was a joke. Serious crowd:-)

  43. Osama Bin Ladens Ghost says:

    It was an HK 416 and it hurt too!

  44. […] Systems Daily got some gouge on good authority that terror mastermind Osama bin Laden was killed with a novel new weapon that’s only been talked about in the shadows of special ops and the advanced carbine world. House […]

  45. ArfCommer says:

    We ALL know that it was the mighty SKS rifle. Stop spreading disinformation so that there would be ample supply of SKS to outfit all the remaining SOF units after they all find out that DG used the mighty SKS.

    Rumor has it that DG wore the new hi-speed REAL-Tree “AfghanShrub” pattern made by Arcteryx at their new secret Crane, Indiana factory.

  46. I wasn't there says:

    The SEALS just beat them all to death with their bear hands.

  47. TONY says:

    You guys got it all wrong. My super secret squirrel sources tell me OBL was taken out with a Hi-Point.

  48. Tim Thomas says:

    He died long before the op from health complication…