SIG MMG 338 Program Series

Soldier Systems SBIRs

The Army’s latest round of Small Business Innovative Research topics includes several from Natick Soldier Systems Center and PEO Soldier.

Natick Soldier RD&E Center

A11-126 Energy Reducing, Ruggedized, Solar Lighting System

A11-127 First Generation of Controlled-Release Bacteriocins/Anti-Microbials

A11-128 Lightweight Material for Full-Scale Parachutes

A11-129 Methodologies and Algorithms for Ground Soldier Load and Route Selection Decision Applications

A11-130 High-Efficiency Energy-Harvesting Battery Charger/Storage Unit

PEO Soldier

A11-134 Nanostructured High Performance, High Angle of Incidence Anti-Reflection Coatings

A11-135 Thermally Responsive Fibers for Environmentally Adaptive Textiles

Officially, the SBIR program:

The goal of the dual-use SBIR program is to tap into the innovativeness and creativity of the small business community to help meet government R&D objectives. At the same time, these small companies develop technologies, products, and services which they can then commercialize through sales in the private sector or back to the government.

SBIRs are a great, low-cost way for the Army to rapidly investigate technology development in industry. Broken up into phases, success is awarded with funding for further development. Several years ago, SOCOM’s Modular Glove System was developed by Outdoor Research through a SBIR.

This year’s solicitation is in pre-release with the solicitation opening on 29 August, 2011 and closing 28 September, 2011. Visit for additional information as well as full submission instructions.


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