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The Advanced Warfighter Magazine from Lancer is becoming popular with users. We received this short summary from a serving member of the US military:

On the AWM mags, they are a big hit. The guys that I have given them to like them a lot and like the way that they are functioning.

I even went so far as to load a clear magazine to 28 rounds, lay it on the concrete and run it over a couple of times with a jeep. We even stopped on top of it and turned the wheels on it, grinding it into the concrete. I then picked it up and went down to the firing line and it functioned without any issues, and is still functioning today.

On another mag, we did a “cold” test. We loaded the magazine full again (28 rounds) and kept it in the freezer for about 15-20 min. Then we took it outside and shot 7 rounds and then dropped the mag out of the mag well onto concrete from a standing position. Again no issues with it cracking or anything. We then picked it up and finished off the magazine with no malfunctions.

Lancer uses a progressive mold to fully integrate PTFE coated steel feedlips into the polymer design. Additionally, they have incorporated a textured surface to facilitate a positive grip. Finally, they designed the L5ARM to even fit the H&K 416. Available in 20 and 30 round models in Translucent, Translucent Black, Translucent Brown, Black, OD, FDE, and Foliage.

SPA Defense has the magazines available for unit/agency purchase through their GSA contract # GS07F5566P.


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6 Responses to “L5AWM”

  1. Russ Koch says:

    I’m assuming it was a POV jeep?!?! Sounds like B.S. to me. I’m not saying the mag is crap just the story. Got any beer in your ‘fridge by the firing line that you drive to in your M151?

  2. Mike D says:

    Jeep- stopped reading right there.

    • Administrator says:

      I can assure you guys, the comments in the post are very real. Arm chair it all you want but the guy who wrote it has been putting foot to ass for quite some time. And yes, it’s a civilian jeep.

  3. MarkM says:

    At no time does the OP report any of this was done at a military facility. Refrigerating a magazine isn’t easy – a range shed would need the frig, and 24/7 power. No common on many. So a comment about grinding one with a “jeep” simply means they used there own POV. Others have made the same test with similar results. It can be done, anyone who shoots an AK knows those mags are nearly good enough to serve as armor —- hence all the commotion about service ammo needing good penetration. There’s no reason an M16 mag can’t be just as tough.

    If I would call BS on this, it would be – Why shortload the mag at 28 rounds? That’s an old school directive for GI aluminum mags. Or are we STILL getting excessive pressure causing the first rounds to FTF? I don’t think the 28 rounds is a Lancer recommendation, and would like to hear more. Especially from Joe Trooper and why he didn’t load 30 full and keep shooting them full up to see how they function in that regard. There’s the disconnect in that report.

  4. Ken says:

    The fact that people are still spewing the 28 round BS fascinates me. Even with no-tilt followers and stronger/brand new springs, people still seem to think that short-loading their mags is going to make them magically perform better. Folks, you can keep any magazine loaded for months on end with no need to let the springs “rest.” Mag springs get worn out with constant compression and de-compression. Getting double feeds or rounds hung up? Spend the 0.15cents and buy a new spring. As for the article, sweet mags, but I don’t see how these perform any different from all other offerings of the same design. Ok, they re-introduced steel lips.. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the translucent body and mag windows! Yes, let’s stop and look at the mag in the middle of contact to see how many rounds I have left because I can’t tell when the bolt remains open! Unbelievable! Sorry… end rant

  5. Well, Lancer’s L5 AWM’s were tried, tested and chosen by our (Polish) Special Forces Command – winning over Magpuls and HK new polymers. That says something I guess. All of the broad spectrum of users we’ve tested them with were positive. And working with Lancer Systems even on something rather complicated as exporting ITAR goods was a pleasure. We keep hearing reports on operational use of the Lancers from AFG, also with G36 equipped with magwell adapters.