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SXR Long-Range Low-Profile Night Vision Weapon Sight from SPA Defense

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

S.P.A. Defense, a Global Night Operations Support Group, has just released the SXR Long Range Low Profile Night Vision Weapon Sight. It is manufactured by FLIR Government systems exclusively for S.P.A. Defense it is an I2 (Image Intensification, pronounced eye-squared).

Effective on all weapons platforms from carbines to .50 cal, but is optimized for medium and long range rail interface forward of any existing scope to provide night vision capabilities to the daytime target acquisition platform. The streamlined design of the external housing evenly distributes the weight of the SXR over the weapon system and eliminates barrel overhang. Additionally, the SXR can be installed, operated, and removed without tools and without affecting permanent bore sight alignment. The unit can also be mounted on a spotting scope for long range reconnaissance or as a hand-held night observation device (NOD).

It comes with an ITT Gen 3, OMNI-VII auto-gated Pinnacle technology, which provides increased resolution at high power magnifications, and shot placement repeatability within half-MOA accuracy. The SXR configuration has familiar operational controls that are identical to the MUNS and UNS systems which allows the user to maintain proper eye relief and stock cheek weld while making adjustments. It is available in two tube configurations and each SXR is built using a specially selected ITT tube that exceeds the minimum OMNI-VII spec. All systems come with a factory data sheet for the installed tube and a full two year warranty for the tube and system from the date of purchase.

The SXR is available in Tan or Black. Make sure to check it out at SHOT Show in booth #20543.


Friday, August 5th, 2011

The Advanced Warfighter Magazine from Lancer is becoming popular with users. We received this short summary from a serving member of the US military:

On the AWM mags, they are a big hit. The guys that I have given them to like them a lot and like the way that they are functioning.

I even went so far as to load a clear magazine to 28 rounds, lay it on the concrete and run it over a couple of times with a jeep. We even stopped on top of it and turned the wheels on it, grinding it into the concrete. I then picked it up and went down to the firing line and it functioned without any issues, and is still functioning today.

On another mag, we did a “cold” test. We loaded the magazine full again (28 rounds) and kept it in the freezer for about 15-20 min. Then we took it outside and shot 7 rounds and then dropped the mag out of the mag well onto concrete from a standing position. Again no issues with it cracking or anything. We then picked it up and finished off the magazine with no malfunctions.

Lancer uses a progressive mold to fully integrate PTFE coated steel feedlips into the polymer design. Additionally, they have incorporated a textured surface to facilitate a positive grip. Finally, they designed the L5ARM to even fit the H&K 416. Available in 20 and 30 round models in Translucent, Translucent Black, Translucent Brown, Black, OD, FDE, and Foliage.

SPA Defense has the magazines available for unit/agency purchase through their GSA contract # GS07F5566P.