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Stuff We Didn’t Write About

This Saturday sees the return of the long demented “Stuff we didn’t write about.” Quite frankly, it was a long week and we’ve barely recovered from OR.

So here are the topics:

Scots student makes breakthrough in ‘invisibility cloak’ theory

Company’s dummies help surgeons hone skills

Hacked toy truck saves soldiers’ lives (This is so 2003)

THE NORTH FACE – PONCHO Camouflage (This is so 1980s)

Crosscore, Inc. Announces Practical Training Tactical Action DVD Release Featuring Rotational Bodyweight Trainingâ„¢ and Kettlebell Training Led by Mark Toomey, Senior RKC Instructor

Haptic Vibrating Belts Guide U.S. Soldiers Through the Darkness

Project Run-a-Way: The Craziest Combat Outfits

HooToo Introduces Two Fashion Designed Cell Phone Signal Jammers

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