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AUSA – Princeton Tec

Princeton Tec officially launched the new MPLS Charge at AUSA. Powered by a single AA, it offers 60 lumens of light.

As you can see it can be mounted to either side Ops-Core ARC rail simply by flipping it upside down.

In addition to the built-in Rail mount, there is also Standard Helmet clamp as well as a PALS adapter for use with your gear.


While the Charge’s body is available in OD, Tan, or Black, LED configurations (below) are combined with a white light that is not the primary selection. You have to hold down the switch which is a tape switch style, located on the mount portion of the light to select white light. Choices include:

Red, Blue, IR
Red, Green, IR


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7 Responses to “AUSA – Princeton Tec”

  1. MarkM says:

    If all you need to do is flip it, then why offset the mount at all? A large piece of architecture like the mount probably has a good reason – seems obscure to some of us and probably should be explained, tho. Otherwise, polymer or not, it comes off bulky and unneeded.

    • Administrator says:

      I don’t quite understand your comment. Could you please explain so I can try to answer it or get an answer from Princeton Tec?

  2. Andrew says:

    I think it is offset so that the body of the light hugs closer to the helmet. If he body mounted directly to the rail it would stick out from the side of the helmet a fair piece.

  3. Willis Beeyat says:

    So when I accidently reach for my mic and grab my light, that’s a good thing? I’m guessing that flexible thing will eventually become loose….but, that’s the least of my worries after it snags on a hatch, my straps or the hand of my adversary. It doesn’t even meet the PEO spec for helmet lights (i.e. too big, like by at least 2.5 times). Looks like some engineer’s pet project who never wore a helmet.

    • Administrator says:

      These were developed at the request of and with the input from the pointiest tip of the spear. They asked for this and have been intimately involved in the MPLS line. They use them.

  4. Matt says:

    Did someone just say they would accidentally grab the flexible end of the helmet light by accident when thinking it was the boom mike for his comms?.?.
    Not sure what Comms boom mikes can be found attached to the side of the helmet but that comment seems pretty inaccurate or uneducated.

    I’ve used this light extensively and it I hands down the best helmet light on the market.
    The red ad white light functions both produce the perfect amount of light for every situation.
    The flexible head works great and allowes the operator to easily directthe light in the needed direction. Just like with the MPLS series light the flexible boom remains rigid over time and works great!

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