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OCP Side-by-Side with Ghostex Kilo-1

Yesterday we mentioned that the Ghostex Kilo-1 pattern had been adopted for use by the Afghanistan Border Police. As you can see, it uses a similar color palette to the Army’s OCP (MultiCam) but the geometry is different.

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9 Responses to “OCP Side-by-Side with Ghostex Kilo-1”

  1. Marmatt says:

    Does it have an orientation or a linear/directional trend of the elements?

    Example: UCP, OCP, MARPAT are aligned with “horizontal” elements and AOR is printed “vertically.”

    I feel like this looks more randomized, or non-directional. Thoughts?

  2. Swat34 says:

    Looks pretty random. Almost makes a few swirl patterns. Honestly I want to see a AOR pattern with the Multicam/OCP pallet.

  3. Guy Cramer says:

    For security issues we can’t show as much of the pattern as we would like to. Kilo-1 disrupts in the horizontal, this is to say the Macropattern is aligned in the horizontal.

  4. FormerDirtDart says:

    Swat34 – “AOR pattern with the Multicam/OCP pallet” : http://www.lgtkit.com/?p=280

  5. Johnny B says:

    Guy Cramer says:
    October 20, 2011 at 9:51 PM
    For security issues we can’t show as much of the pattern as we would like to.
    Uhhh… how’s that gonna work when these are on hundreds of bodies? If you have the Afghan BP locked up with this, and you have the patt copyrighted, and if people are going to be wearing the patt on uniforms…I dont know, maybe I’m not getting it.

    And for what it’s worth, side by side with MC I’m more impressed – this looks more complex and visually disruptive. All I do for sure, though, is that MC works, and perhaps making it more complex will make it less effective.

    Guy, I want to like all your patts, brother. Can you get us a side by side in the field with a swatch of each? C’mon…..you know you want to…

  6. Johnny B says:

    All I do KNOW for sure. Sorry.

    (PS – side by side 😉 )

  7. somthingfunny says:

    Was that taken using the iphone app ? or android ?

  8. Guy Cramer says:

    It is much more difficult for a counterfeiter to pull a full pattern from photos of uniforms than from a photo showing either the entire pattern or a great deal of the pattern. The concern isn’t with copyright infringement as we can deal with that, the issue is with infiltration or impersonation by the bad guys, which has occurred numerous times in Afghanistan with their old patterned (easily obtainable) uniforms.