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E-PAK from ARES Defense

The concept behind the development of the E-PAK modular storage system is that the one thing you would keep with you in an SHTF scenario is your weapon. Machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, the waterproof E-PAK storage containers are designed to mount to any Picatinny rail, providing immediate access to gear such as batteries, weapon repair parts, personal items, survival equipment and more.

EPAK Modular Storage Systems are available in two sizes and can be had as complete, prepackaged kits or empty for the DIYer.

Prepackaged kits include:

Deluxe AR/M4 Spare Parts Kit
o Firing Pin Retaining Pin
o Trigger Spring
o Hammer Spring
o Gas Rings
o Extractor
o Extractor Spring Assembly
o Extractor Pivot Pin
o Hammer/Trigger Pivot Pin
o Cam Pin
o Firing Pin
o Disconnector Spring
o Safety Selector Detent Spring
o Safety Selector Detent
o Buffer Detent Spring
o Buffer Detent
o Pivot Pin Detent Spring
o Pivot Pin

Survival Kit
o Liquid Filled Compass
o Serrated Lock back Folding Knife
o Fire Tinder
o Game Snare Wire
o High Strength Wire Saw
o Matches
o Safety Pins
o Split Shot Sinkers
o Fishing Hooks
o Fishing Line
o Ear Plugs

There is also a prepackaged standard M4 parts kit as well as a food procurement kit.

Mod-Rail is a complimentary PALS compatible mounting system that combines a MOLLE attachment with the back of a Mil Std 1913 rail. This allows you to rapidly store weapon accessories in a bag or in some cases on your gear.


12 Responses to “E-PAK from ARES Defense”

  1. Joe Schmoe says:

    Erm…. why?

    This is definitely a solution searching for a problem.

  2. Buckaroomedic says:

    That’s kind of a nice idea; a survival kit on your weapon. The biggest problem is the weight and balance of course. Is open rail space kind of like the PALS Man Rule? It’s gotta be filled-up?

  3. Riceball says:

    I agree with Joe, it’s a solution looking for a problem. Seems to me that adding yet more weight to an already encumbered weapon is not a very good idea, not mentions wouldn’t a cleaning/repair kit just rattle around inside the case every time you move or fire your weapon? Wouldn’t a soft case that just attaches to PALS webbing be a better solution? Something that could be worn on body armor, on a belt, or just stuffed into another pouch or pocket would seem to make more sense than attached to your weapon. Or if you must attack it to your weapon how about just making so it attaches to the buttstock somewhere where it’s out of the way and doesn’t throw the balance off much.

  4. Aloha says:

    @Joe – agreed. Just what I was looking for, a way to add more weight to a weapon.

  5. John says:

    Only Geoff Herring at Ares could think up some bubba shit like this.

    This is completely retarded.

  6. Terry says:

    And I thought their Fight-Lite was pointless… I do like the Mod-Rail though, but anyone who puts one on their vest needs to be beaten.

  7. Lew says:

    Bloody hell, this is about as daft as those “survival knives” with shit in the handle from back in the hey-day of Rambo. If I get it straight this survival situation for which I carry around junk on my rifle will also have me ditching my pack, my vest and my pants? I have a vision of this a) not being picked up by anyone who doesn’t work mall security and b) actually putting people in survival situations due to them being fatigued and slow getting their rifles of target.

    A pic rail for PALS? A system to mount modular equipment to a system that already has a modular system? Was this designed by Xzibit?

    “Yo dawg! I heard you like modularity so I used that modularity to put more modularity into your modularity! Now you can mount modular equipment to your modular equipment so you can be modular when you’re modular!”

  8. Mike says:

    OMG Lew now thats funny.

    Hopefully these are very cheap products but I know there not. The SHRIKE is an expensive toy that has had no real military interest ARES seems to invent this kind of stuff. They now expanded production bought many machines blah blah blah. Belt guns are fading away, Colt thought the SHRIKE was not the future thats why they didnt take Geoff up on the offer, same with SW same with Bushmaster. Its just a high recoil finicky range toy.

    We put it on the chronograf because we felt it had high recoil for its weight and sure enough velocity was lowgas port size is huge. Why mention the SHRIKE? Because if you understand it the inventor and what has all happened then you will understand this.

    Geoff isok guy but a very untrusting guy this allows for these products to go forward. He should listen to peoples advise.

    So whats next well cheap SHRIKEs because they wont sell for $6000, these new products wont sell and no real military will buy the SHRIKE ever.

  9. Nathan says:

    I Approve. I am a bit concerned about weight and balance myself. But I understand the idea behind it. It’s a great idea.

  10. Joe Schmoe says:

    Nathan, care to let us on your little secret?

  11. I see what you mean but... says:

    Maybe if it was a bit conformal and low weight. It seems a bit bulky.