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Canadian Army Tests New Modular Ballistic Helmet

Researchers have been concentrating on filling the gaps between current armor vests and helmets and that has driven the design of this new helmet system. They started with a light helmet with shock mitigating liner. Then they developed different mission-specific appliques, such as a ballistic shell, front mandible, ballistic visor and an rear neck guard that attaches at the back of the helmet which reminds me of those found on riot helmets. This has made it modular and scalable much like newer body armor. They’ve added a couple of other interesting features. As you can see, the outer shell includes an integrated NVG mount. Additionally, the liner helmet is high cut, exposing the the ear in order to decrease weight yet increase compatibility with hearing augmentation systems.

The helmet has been under development by Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) РValcartier since 2007 and recently underwent trials with 2nd Battalion, Royal 22e R̩giment (2 R22eR) (the legendary Van Doos) during the last two weeks of September. The 2 R22eR team put the helmet through its paces in a variety of scenarios including dismounted and mounted, range drills and weapons handling.

Video report and Photos by Sgt Sébastien Fréchette, Army News, CFB Valcartier


13 Responses to “Canadian Army Tests New Modular Ballistic Helmet”

  1. .308 says:

    Great, instead of looking at new ballistic helmet designs.. the CF will likely go to the same bicycle helmet manufacturer that makes their tanker helmets and ask them to make “a complicated, over engineered combat helmet with a small and poorly designed mandible protection system that adapts to the revision eye shield… that doffs UP!”

    At least this is just r/d… and I believe a worthy and important subject area.. However knowing how things work… the end product will be goofy.

  2. Andrew says:

    What the heck was that crazy sideways sight mount with the EOTech at about 2:19?

  3. Coolhand77 says:

    Reminds me of some of the concept sketches and ideas for the Colonial Marine helmet for Aliens, before they pulled the forward collar or mandibal guard to allow the audience to see the actors faces better. I like that they kept the “lobster tail” neck armor though. I’ve often wondered why the US Military didn’t develop something like that.

  4. Administrator says:


    You saw that too? I wonder if it has anything to do with the mandible.


  5. Johnny B says:

    That’s one ugly ass helmet. Can I ask why the mandible guard is not designed to provide protection near the back of the jaw and ear? Why is tehre a gap right where some of the softest tissue/least bone is at? And those neck protectors suck, especially if they are kevlar. They weigh 1000lbs, strain the shit outta your neck, and make turning your head a slow and difficult exercise that, when performed quickly under duress, starins neck muscles. They put those things on non-balistic riot helmets, where they and the helmet both weigh nothing, I’d rather see a high-collared body armor coupled with a helmet that flares a bit at the bottom to channem falling debris away from going down the shirt or, up front, going down into the face and getting stuck in the mandible guard. I dont understand why, if full ballistic protection is desired, someone doesnt take a full-faced motorcycle helmet, open up the viewing area a bit, and make it out of kevlar.

  6. Wolf says:

    Wow, that helmet design is like something I worked on back in the late 80s in my early teens after reading one of those soldier series of comic books depicting action heroes slogging through some futuristic battle zones!

    It will be brave if the Canadians actually go ahead and make the helmet a general issue for their troops… Why, such novel designs usually are killed by those mightier than thou conservative colonels and generals on military boards.

  7. Andrew says:

    Re: Sideways sight

    Yeah, that’s what I was thinking, some kind of test bed for the interface between the helmet and sight…but sideways? Interesting. Sometimes there is a method to the madness.


  8. Kokanee says:

    The new Combat Vehicle Crew (CVC) helmet is also going to have a mandible;


    Although one wonders why DRDC spent all this time and money developing what looks to be essentially a shoddier version of Revision’s BATLSKIN helmet. Revision is headquartered in Montreal so they’re practically next door to DRDC Valcartier.

  9. Frank says:

    Re: Sideways sight
    As long as you have enough range on the adjustments (for drop) the orientation does not matter; however, it definitely will make it a weak point – alignment will be easily lost with any bump on the sight.

  10. Ronin says:

    There is already a helmet out there…..it’s Crye’s Airframe ! The other thing that they haven’t thought about is Freefall with and without 02 , CBRN And NVG

  11. Firewalker says:

    Ok…. Wait…

    Revision is a Canadian Company….


    Doesn’t it do everything they’re looking at achieving in a much better package?

  12. tabernac says:

    Cool stuff. It does look like it came from “Aliens”.

    Seems kinda redundant now. Considering Canada will never go to war ever again.

    No politician will want to endure the headache like they did with Afghanistan.

  13. Chris says:

    Way to go CF… Again reinvent te wheel in something with something that should be simple, why not purchase the same one that is standard issue for CSOR? And the trial unit is mech and not light/ para, this looks alot more cumbersome than it needs to be… Can’t wait to have to order my men to wear this Darth VADER POS