Haley Strategic Partners Releases Adaptive Light Mounts

Partnering with Impact Weapons Components, Travis Haley developed two new HSP Adaptive Light Mounts. Available in two models; Dropwing and Thorntail, both are designed to mount the SureFire Scout Light to carbines in such a manner to leave room for both your hands on the rifle but also any lasers or other devices mounted to the carbine. They can be mounted in 8 different positions on the rail system and moves the light forward, in front of lasers or other gear with plenty of room to keep even a vampire head out of the way of a laser.


The Dropwing is intentionally designed to fit in a shorter carbine’s rail system (works fine with longer rails as well). But, instead of mounting to the Picatinny rail itself, it mounts in the space between the rail sections to offer a lower profile.


Conversely, the Thorntail does the same things as the Dropwing, except that it is Mil Std 1913 rail compatible.

Although designed to mount a SureFire Scout Light, there is also a ring system for use with these mounts to accommodate other lights.

From what we understand, these are the first of many weapons accessories on the way from Haley Strategic Partners.

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5 Responses to “Haley Strategic Partners Releases Adaptive Light Mounts”

  1. greyghost says:

    That first picture is pure sex

  2. Michael says:

    Am I wrong to assume the Drop wing won’t work with a std 4-sided rail system unless you set it up so the mount/flashlight extends beyond the end of the rail? It looks like the little ‘drop’ in the mount where the flashlight mounts, opposed to it just being straight, wouldn’t fit with a 3 o’clock rail if it was mounted further back for use on a SBR like an MK18 Mod2. I don’t want my flashlight extending beyond the rail and over the break.

    • Administrator says:

      That’s the point of these mounts, to keep it all in close and tight. There are plenty of mounts out there that do what you want.

  3. Daggertx says:

    need a m620 compatible version

  4. John T says:

    I talked to 3 companies almost a year ago trying to get an offset and forward pushed light mount.
    In the examples shown you are using a laser different than what I’m issued. Will the thorntail clear my ATPIAL when mounted for a lefty and is there much “bloom” from the laser off the light?

    There’s about a 99% chance I’ll be ordering one of these mounts in the near future to use on an upcoming deployment.

    Thanks Travis for bringing a needed product to the market.