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Impact Weapons Components – New Mobile Site

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015


Impact Weapons Components has launched a new in-house developed website which recognizes a user’s mobile device and launches a mobile-specific site. The mobile site has features including sensitivity selection, photo swipes, and desktop security certificates.

QD End Plate RL by Impact Weapons Components

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Impact Weapons Components is offering an AR Receiver End Plate with ROTATION LIMITED QD Sling Swivel Socket


It is Rotation Limited to prevent QD Sling Swivel rotation and sling wrap-up. CNC Machined from a single piece of Billet Steel and Black Manganese Phosphate Coated to MIL-Spec to prevent rust, corrosion and wear.

Proudly Made by Americans “Behind Enemy Lines in KOLORADO” at Impact Weapons Components, LLC.

SCAR Charger from Impact Weapons Components

Monday, April 29th, 2013


The SCAR Charger from Impact Weapons Components replaces the factory model on the MK16, MK17, MK16S and MK17S. The design moves your hand lower during the charging stroke and keeps the shooter from racking his knuckles on optics mounts.


Above you can see the SCAR Charger with the factory charging handle. It is CNC Machined from a single piece of 4140 steel, then plated with Melonite finish for wear and corrosion resistance.

Jerking The Trigger did a review of the SCAR Charger and you can read it here.

HSP Releases Thorntail Offset Mount

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Haley Strategic Partners has introduced the Thorntail Offset Mount, the latest in their line of Thorntail Light mounts. Manufactured exclusively for HSP by Impact Weapons Components, the Thorntail series is Picatinny compatible and allows you to move the light out of the way in order to accommodate grip or other accessories. This new offset model is at 45 degrees.

There’s some serious eye candy in these photos. You’ve got –

13″ Geissele Super Modular Rail
Inforce WML
Surefire X300
KAC Folding Front Sight
Laser Devices DBAL A3
Surefire Flash Hider
BCM Mid Length Build with an 11595E Barrel
Magpul AFG
and a little surprise as well

Impact Weapons Components – 2 To 1 Point Split-Bar Triglide

Monday, September 3rd, 2012


Impact Weapons Components is generally known for their excellent flashlight mounts. However, they’ve expanded into additional products. One of my favorites is the 2 To 1 Point Triglide. Available in 1.25″ width to accommodate most slings, it is fitted on to your sling to allow it to attach back on to itself. It is designed to work with push button quick detach sling swivels already found on most slings. Installation is a snap. You slide he older model on the webbing and this latest version is designed to fit slings with sewn ends or to immediately modify your sling. The split -bar model slides into place wherever you want it. It’s a solid product, CNC machined from Billet 6061-T6 aluminum and hard anodized Type III per MIL-A-8625F.


IWC’s 2 To 1 Point Triglide is perfect for those that want the flexibility to convert their 2-point slings into single points. And now that they’ve introduced the split-bar model, it’s even easier to configure your sling.


I’ve been using one for several months now and appreciate the versatility it affords. There are times when I want to use a single-point sling but prefer the Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Assault Sling. Using the 2 To 1 Point Triglide gives me the best of both worlds.

Ares Armor Huskey Mark II EWS Sling

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

The Huskey MK II EWS (Expeditionary Warfare Sling) is a joint venture between Ares Armor and Impact Weapons Components. This 1.25″ wide sling uses a new slider to bridge the gap between cam-style and slide-style quick adjust two-point slings.

For 20% off the sling use code soldiersystemssling for the next week.

Available in Black and Coyote.

Haley Strategic Partners – Disruptive Industries Day Three

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Disruptive Industries is a unique, invitation-only event bringing together industry, military, and law enforcement. It is designed to teach, inspire, build relationships, open communications and create new channels for innovation in the defense sector. Every experience has been devised to accomplish each of these tasks in one way or another, from training classes to meals as well as other organized social events.

We’ve already experienced two days of shooting, physical conditioning, and associated tactical training. Oddly enough, day 3 kicked off much like day 2, with another ass kicking from former Russian Spetznaz operator Saulius “Sonny” Puzikas. Except, this time, he really did kick our asses. During the various demonstrations of Systema hand to hand, pretty much every one of us got a chance to take a blow or two from Sonny. Naturally, we got to knock each other around a little as well. The training was no nonsense and focused on staying out of a grapple and incapacitating your aggressor. All in all, it was fantastic.

Next up were classes on surreptitious entry and restraint escape by Bryan Black of ITS Tactical. After lunch we ran through various room clearing drills. Scenarios focused on PSD work but the lessons could be applied to multiple scenarios.

As I mentioned earlier, D1 is very much about fostering innovation and relationships. One of the best things about Disruptive Industries is the opportunity to network and cross-talk. This includes all participants. Everyone has learned from our esteemed instructors and I’d hazard to guess that they have picked up a few things from us as well. Additionally, Mil and LE have been able to compare notes and share experiences with each other as well as interact with the industry reps. For the industry folks, this experience has been invaluable. In some cases, different companies have been able to discuss collaborations and, in every case, industry has gained knowledge from the interaction with military and LE attendees.

It’s been great working with the military and LE members as well as HSP’s industry partners HSGI, G-Code Holsters, Impact Weapons Components, Arc’teryx LEAF, Outdoor Research, US Palm, B5 Systems, Emissive Energy/Inforce, UTM, Rifle Dynamics, Dark Mountain Research, PNW Ammunition and Kill Cliff as well as media reps from ITS Tactical.

Don’t forget, ITS Tactical is also on hand so make sure you visit their site for additional photos. Look for the simultaneous release of an AAR from both of us soon. Until then, enjoy our serialized look at HSP’s Disruptive Industries.

Impact Weapons Components New REVERSIBLE Light Mount

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Impact Weapons Components of Colorado has a new Radial Light Mount-N-Slot piece in the works (seen below under construction on the CNC). IWC is the designer and manufacturer of the MOUNT-N-SLOT series of direct attach mounts for weapon lights, control pieces and slings. You may have already seen the Thorntail and side- and top-mount cantilevered mounts in action on the range.

IWC’s Radial will the very first reversible light mount. One side will accept the Surefire M300 and M600 Scout series. Detach and flip it to accept pistol-rail lights like the TLR-1, X-300, M-3 and IWC’s own Light Mounting Rings (for standard handheld lights). They will anodizing them next, then laser engraving them. IWC advises they should be good to go in the store by mid-April and will start at about $40.