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Impact Weapons Components New REVERSIBLE Light Mount

Impact Weapons Components of Colorado has a new Radial Light Mount-N-Slot piece in the works (seen below under construction on the CNC). IWC is the designer and manufacturer of the MOUNT-N-SLOT series of direct attach mounts for weapon lights, control pieces and slings. You may have already seen the Thorntail and side- and top-mount cantilevered mounts in action on the range.

IWC’s Radial will the very first reversible light mount. One side will accept the Surefire M300 and M600 Scout series. Detach and flip it to accept pistol-rail lights like the TLR-1, X-300, M-3 and IWC’s own Light Mounting Rings (for standard handheld lights). They will anodizing them next, then laser engraving them. IWC advises they should be good to go in the store by mid-April and will start at about $40.


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2 Responses to “Impact Weapons Components New REVERSIBLE Light Mount”

  1. Roecar says:

    Will it fit the M620 Scout series… I have yet to see a decent mount that can accommodate the wider base. I had hoped that HSP would release an alternate version of their Thorntails but nothing yet.

  2. Roecar; I check with Earl at IWC. He advises, “We make a Radial for the larger lights, 620, Millenium , etc. now:
    These fit round tube forends like RADIAL will when released.
    For rails, Haley and IWC will launch a THORNTAIL for these lights in May.”

    That help?