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CamoVision Goes Kloak

JerryJack Outdoors has licensed Kloak Konsealment pattern camo for its “CamoVision” eyewear.

“With CamoVision adopting our KLOAK line of cryptic camouflage in its state-of-the-art eyewear, hunters can get closer than ever to total concealment when in the field,” said Steve Regan, President and CEO of Genesis Pattern Technologies. “Once again, the fact that CamoVision chose KLOAK for its unique technology is very exciting to Genesis.” (Kloak cammie patterns are based on mimicry patterning and ‘cryptic’ colorations found in the natural world. (Some of you may remember Kloak from SHOT.)

CamoVision uses a bonding pattern to add a camouflage pattern to the lenses. This makes you look cool and has the additional benefit (if looking cool isn’t enough for you) of masking your eye movement from whatever you’re hunting.

Not zombies, it should be noted. Zombies don’t respond to typical predator-prey dynamics, and won’t care about your eyes. Or hippies. They will be too stoned to care.

Lenses are impact resistant polycarbonate UV on nylon frames. They plan on having multiple patterns on styles for for men, women and children.

For more information, check out CamoVision; for more about Kloak, check their website.

This article first appeared on Tactical Fanboy.

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2 Responses to “CamoVision Goes Kloak”

  1. ncs says:

    like to see this being apply for military application. Put multicam on it

  2. Greg says:

    Put it on ray bans too 🙂