BattleComp – Well Rounded Gunfighting Compensators

BattleComp, a new and very popular compensator on the rifle market, has once again sold out of their BC 2.0 and has also announced they are working on a 24×1.5 AKBC for the near future. The 1.5s are now back in stock and they’re working diligently to restock the others.

Chances are you’ve seen BCs before, even if you weren’t aware that was what you were seeing (they’ve been to Haley, Costa, Rogers, Vickers and other classes, often appearing on instructor rifles). The BattleComp is exactly what the name implies, a “Battle Compensator”. It is not intended to be the best muzzle brake or best flash hider on the market and doesn’t claim to be. However, they do claim to be the best combination of the two, and the most well rounded. Most reports we’ve found seem to support this assertion. (There are two common “schools of thought” when it comes to modifying a rifle barrel—either flash hider or a muzzle brake…BC’s designers basically said, “Why can’t we combine the two?”)

“You can run a dual port break in a shoot house or a target structure,” says Alan Normandy of BattleComp, “but the fireball and the concussion will make people not want to be standing right next to you. You need something to tame the concussion and mitigate the flash. Muzzle brakes as previously designed did nothing about the flash…given the choice between the two, a lot of cops go with flash hiders because they’re cheaper and because they can train to accommodate the recoil management…you can’t train to accommodate flash. We figured, there’s gotta be a way to do both…we should be able to have something acceptable in each category…”

That led to the development of the BattleComp. Note: the 1.0 is a standard BattleComp. The 1.5 has an extended hood on it so it would meet the 16” barrel length required for people running a 14.5” barrel (surprisingly, this is one of their most popular models). The 2.0, which came out back in January, is starting to outsell the 1.0. It is configured for the addition of a silencer on the end. Most BCs you see will be on AR15s, but they’ve appeared on long guns, FALs, AK74s, 6.8 SPC rifles, the .300 Blackout and other weapons (and is the standard compensator on most War Sport and Legion Firearms rifles).

For more information, check out the BattleComp web page or find them on FaceBook.


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4 Responses to “BattleComp – Well Rounded Gunfighting Compensators”

  1. FormerSFMedic says:

    The description of the BC’s performance by Alan Normandy and the author is pretty modest. The BC runs way better then just acceptable. It is without a doubt the best comp I have ever used. It makes shooting the 5.56 AR a breeze. Just put the dot on the target and start running the trigger. That’s it. It’s like a freakin’ free for all!

    Battle Comp Enterprises is also the most professional company I have ever dealt with. They don’t treat customers like….well….customers. They treat customers like friends. They will always take the time to answer questions or fix a problem and they go out of their way to make sure you are taken care of. I can’t say enough about these guys and their product. We are truly blessed as shooters to have such a fantastic piece of kit from such a professional company!

  2. greyghost says:

    I invested in a similiar product, called the EFFIN A COMPENSATOR from ARES-ARMOR.

    I have only a mag or two under the new compensator but just as listed above, staying on target is a breeze, its like shooting a .22 caliber semi auto rifle.

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  4. Randall says:

    Two questions
    Alot of shoot houses require Frangible ammo- can you shoot Frangible through any version of the BC? – A show stopper for many!

    Which suppressors can be used with th BC? Job requirements many times mandate use of a can