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Extreme Outfitters Muzzle Brake Sale

Friday, June 7th, 2013


Extreme Outfitter is having a sale on select Battlecomp muzzle brakes. Enter offer code VIP10 at checkout to receive the discount.


SHOT 2012 Follow-up: Battle Comp Enterprises

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Pretty much as we expected, BCE was overrun with SHOT Show goers interested in BCE’s wares. You’ve probably heard of them before (we ran an article on their 2.0 a while back), but if not the simple explanation is this: BattleComp built something that combines flash suppression and recoil compensation into one piece (and yes, you can put a suppressor on there). The result, when fired, frequently results in what is referred to as “BattleComp Tourette Syndrome”. Nobody seems to expect just how well it will work, so there is always a sudden blast of profane admiration after shooting it.

Here’s a video of MilSpec Monkey shooting a weapon with the BattleComp mounted (part of the time one-handed, to show just how much it tames the recoil).

Here’s an M4 on full auto using a BattleComp.

Here’s another.


Don’t think that’s cool? Go to the BattleComp Facebook page. There’s a video embedded there of someone running an M249 SAW with a BattleComp attached and check out the lack of muzzle climb. Seriously. Go check it out. If that doesn’t impress you, not much will.


Legion Firearms – LF-15D

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

The LF-15D from Legion Firearms is out now out; it’s a little bit different than the C model but still definitely on the high end of ARs.

Soldier Systems: A die-hard Legion fan tagging supplies at Camp Leatherneck.

A die-hard Legion fan tagging supplies at Camp Leatherneck.

Obviously, not everyone wants a monolithic upper. Some people want very specific rails, whether a particular brand suits them or just to break up the monotony. Legion is offering matched non-monolithic upper and lower receivers, so the customer can specify the style of manufacturer of rails they want (if any) and Legion puts them on (For instance, they did some with Wilson trim rails recently), The LF-15D has the same billet uppers and lowers, it’s ambidextrous and everything else such as the BattleComp 1.0 or 2.0 (as requested) with standard Revo sling and the Phase 5 Tactical charging handle assembly (which Legion helped T&E).

The LF-15D barrel uses the Legion Firearms as-yet-unnamed proprietary honeycomb fluted weight saving system. The honeycomb is a patterned barrel and is now available on their new rifles. It allows them to take an entire half pound of rifle weight in material and keep the same accuracy without any barrel walk or stringer groups (like you get when the barrel heats up). The upper, lower and bolt carrier group are all coated in Nickel Boron; barrel is ordinance grade 416 stainless steel, 5.56 NATO Chamber 1/8 twist, 3 groove polygonal rifling, mid length gas system PRI gasblock and the springs are Cryo treated, with a CMC 3.5lbs single stage trigger.

Legion Firearms LF15D ready to go out the door.

Soldier Systems: The Legion Firearms LF15D ready to go out the door.

There will be a California edition LF-15D, just like the Charlie model had.


Mossie Tactics MT2400FSB

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Mossie Tactics has designed a new 12 o’clock light position weaponlight mount that was recently covered by The BOLO Report. The MT2400FSB (Mossie Midnight Mount) is built for Mossie Tactics by BCE (BattleComp Enterprises). The MMM is an accessory slot designed to accept most popular pistol-mounted lights. It was designed specifically for LE and others personnel whose Policy and Procedure or SOPs do not allow them to modify their rifle (read the BOLO Report article for details). The MT2400FSB was tested on lights like the Procyon, Surefire X300, X200, Insight M3, Streamlight TLR-1 and others.

There is a special going on right now at BCE, which is closed until January 3RD (next Tuesday), 2012. The discount code (BCE4Q11) until New Year’s Eve, and any orders that come in prior to that date will ship on the 3RD.

Read the article on BOLO Report.

Soldier Systems: The Mossie Tactics MT2400FSB light mount.

The MT2400FSB light mount, nothing mounted yet.

Soldier Systems: The Mossie Tactics MT2400FSB light mount.

Light mounted on the MT2400FSB, 12 o'clock position.


BattleComp – Well Rounded Gunfighting Compensators

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

BattleComp, a new and very popular compensator on the rifle market, has once again sold out of their BC 2.0 and has also announced they are working on a 24×1.5 AKBC for the near future. The 1.5s are now back in stock and they’re working diligently to restock the others.

Chances are you’ve seen BCs before, even if you weren’t aware that was what you were seeing (they’ve been to Haley, Costa, Rogers, Vickers and other classes, often appearing on instructor rifles). The BattleComp is exactly what the name implies, a “Battle Compensator”. It is not intended to be the best muzzle brake or best flash hider on the market and doesn’t claim to be. However, they do claim to be the best combination of the two, and the most well rounded. Most reports we’ve found seem to support this assertion. (There are two common “schools of thought” when it comes to modifying a rifle barrel—either flash hider or a muzzle brake…BC’s designers basically said, “Why can’t we combine the two?”)

“You can run a dual port break in a shoot house or a target structure,” says Alan Normandy of BattleComp, “but the fireball and the concussion will make people not want to be standing right next to you. You need something to tame the concussion and mitigate the flash. Muzzle brakes as previously designed did nothing about the flash…given the choice between the two, a lot of cops go with flash hiders because they’re cheaper and because they can train to accommodate the recoil management…you can’t train to accommodate flash. We figured, there’s gotta be a way to do both…we should be able to have something acceptable in each category…”

That led to the development of the BattleComp. Note: the 1.0 is a standard BattleComp. The 1.5 has an extended hood on it so it would meet the 16” barrel length required for people running a 14.5” barrel (surprisingly, this is one of their most popular models). The 2.0, which came out back in January, is starting to outsell the 1.0. It is configured for the addition of a silencer on the end. Most BCs you see will be on AR15s, but they’ve appeared on long guns, FALs, AK74s, 6.8 SPC rifles, the .300 Blackout and other weapons (and is the standard compensator on most War Sport and Legion Firearms rifles).

For more information, check out the BattleComp web page or find them on FaceBook.