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War Sport Makes It Right, Updates NRAAM Entry

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

Last night we reported on an apparent sabotage of War Sport’s entry on the NRA Annual Meeting exhibitor page.

Today, it has been fixed. Quick recovery.

It now states:

War Sport is dedicated to producing the highest quality weapons systems and components for the modern shooter leveraging the latest advancements in technology and innovation. Through a superior process of design and engineering, our products are built to a custom standard providing remarkable accuracy and a meticulous quality that remains unmatched across the industry. From raw materials to shooter ready, War Sport rifles, components and accessories are made in house with an attention to detail that enables our products to excel beyond expectation. For more info, go to

The link remains

War Sport’s Company Description On the NRAAM Website Is, Shall We Say, Interesting

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

I’d like to say War Sport was pranked, but brands are responsible for the descriptions submitted to the NRA Annual Meeting website.

I didn’t believe my eyes, so I checked twice. It didn’t change. Next, I checked a couple of major brands. Their’s were all legit.  This one is, interesting.  Just like the title of the post says.

Here is the link.

In case you can’t read the print in the screenshot, it says:

War Sport is dedicated to producing the lowest quality weapons systems and components for the inexperienced shooter leveraging below average technology. Through an inferior process of design and ninja-neering, our products are built to a sub standard providing inconsistent accuracy and garbage that remains unmatched across the industry. From raw materials to shooter ready, War Sport rifles, components and accessories are made in house with no attention to detail to ensure that our products never meet expectations. For more information on how pathetic we are, go to

War Sport, LLC to Unveil New Product at 2016 NRA Annual Meeting

Monday, May 16th, 2016

Robbins, North Carolina – 11 May 2016

War Sport, LLC is excited to announce the debut of their highly anticipated S-9 at the 2016 NRA Annual Meetings in Louisville, Kentucky. The War Sport S-9 is a 9mm carbine that is built on the AR platform and utilizes the popular Glock magazines.

“It’s been an phenomenal year thus far for us at War Sport and with the upcoming release of the S-9 we couldn’t be more excited!”, says President of War Sport, Pat Forbis. “Our customers have been asking for a 9mm and we have answered back with a product made with the same quality and precision our customers have come to expect from us.”
War Sport will be offering the S-9 in three variants: 16” Carbine, 8.5” PDW, and an 8.5” pistol version. Production will begin in approximately 12 weeks with a variety of other options for customers to choose from, making the S-9 customizable to ones specific needs.

War Sport, LLC prototype S-9 8.5” PDW

War Sport will be located at booth number 4253 at the Kentucky Exposition Center, May 19 – May 22. The S-9 will be on display for the entire duration of the show for attendees to experience.

For more information about War Sport, LLC and products they currently offer visit the website at:, or find them on social at:,

War Bungee for the Crye Precision AirFrame

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

You asked, so here it is, the War Sport Industries, War Bungee for the Crye Precision AirFrame helmet cover.


Caveat Emptor – War Bungee

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

There is a company overseas that is unlawfully using the names War Sport, War Sport Industries and War Bungee and are even using the actual War Sport logo and watermarks. They’re selling a predictably poor copy of the War Bungee (not a huge surprise, since they knock off many other Made in the USA products).

As always, make sure you know who you are buying from. If the item is surprisingly inexpensive, it’s probably not legit. All parts, pieces and labor involved in the Suppressor Sock and War Bungee from War Sport are made in the USA. Ensure you purchase them from War Sport directly or from an authorized dealer.

The real War Sport "War Bungee".


SHOT 2012 Followup: the Sphinx Pistol

Friday, January 27th, 2012

The Sphinx, a Swiss SDP pistol is the weapon that stood out most for me at Media Day on the Range (well, other than the Bulldog gatling gun, but you can’t easily carry that concealed or on duty). It has to be hard to come up with a new pistol design that doesn’t mimic what has been done before or try to just combine the various strong points from other pistols and put ’em all together. Not only do most people already have their favorite (often displaying loyalty to the point of zealotry) but barring the advent of an incredibly unique new idea or some new material it’s hard to do something truly original.  I really liked the Sphinx, and can say in honesty that it might be one I’d purchase and carry (depending on departmental restrictions and holster availability). That’s the first time in a long time I’ve been able to say that.

Soldier Systems: The Sphinx 9mm Pistol

Joey at War Sport warned us we’d like the Sphinx (they’re owned by Kriss, which he distributes) and he was absolutely right. Sphinx Arms is initially marketing the weapon to military and LE personnel, but are definitely interested in selling to the civilian market. Right now it’s all black, Double-Action/Single-Action with an ambi decock lever and mag catch. One of the really interesting things about it (besides the streamlined way they built the frame, so there’s almost nothing to catch or drag on) is the upper frame, which is built of hard-anodized aluminum (I like the way the Swiss shooters said aluminum) with Teflon inserts. It has a nice integrated recoil buffer, full length guide rods that are machined in (not inserts) and a standard Pic rail with 4 notches.

Though I didn’t notice it at first, the grip is actually interchangeable, with three components. It’s built to withstand extremes of temperature and you can switch the grips out for different shooters (small, medium and large) which might be a plus to agencies where matching the grip of smaller framed officers is a concern (like some female and smaller male LEOs) to some of the hulking neanderthal types (also including some female and many male LEOs).

Soldier Systems Daily: Another view of the Sphinx

The last thing of note are the Defiance sights, which are apparently exclusive to the Sphinx (due to the noise and everything going on I wasn’t able to determine if they were going to eventually offer Defiance sights for sale to retrofit other pistols). Defiance sights are fiber/Tritium day/night green sight with a 2-dot rear sight.

I may wind up getting a Sphinx, if the price is right; if so I’ll give you a more thorough review.

On the range:


War Sport Thermal Rail Cover

Monday, November 28th, 2011

At the request of military personnel, War Sport Inc. has put together a rail cover for cold weather operations. Its purpose is simple, to keep the cold from transferring from a weapon into the fingers and wrist, especially from aluminum rails, which don’t shed cold well. WSI’s specialty is actually thermal cloaking (such as with their Barrel Sock, also originally built at the request of a specific organization, and the Suppressor Sock). They used their thermal material and expertise to make such a rail cover work a little better, basically inverting it so the thermal cloth is pointed upward, guarded by a rugged but lightweight 330 Cordura wrap. It reflects heat back into the hand, though not enough to create much of a signature and does reduce the visibility of rail temperature.

The rail cover is not specifically designed to mitigate the weapon’s thermal signature, though it will do so by virtue of its construction. Initial evaluations showed it reduces measured rail temperature by approximately 20 degrees. Obviously, it can be used in conjunction with the Suppressor and Barrel Socks to reduce overall signature.

The rail cover is available with and without MOLLE points, and in the latter case will be available in vertical strips, lateral strips or a mix of the two. (The MOLLE points were added as an option for those who might want to run brush or natural camo through them, or perhaps to throw a small pouch on there if they’re going to be lying prone for a long period of time. It’s obviously not to hang modular pouches off of while you’re busting brush, or running CQB/MOUT operations—don’t read more into it than there is.)

They’ll have it in ATACS UA, the new ATACS FG, Woodland, Coyote, Black, etc. The most likely market for these will be cold weather shooters, hunters and similar commercial applications, though LEOs and military personnel may like it as well.

The thermal rail cover with MOLLE weighs in at 3.9 oz., the one without MOLLE just under 3. Contact War Sport on their website or on Facebook for more information.


BattleComp – Well Rounded Gunfighting Compensators

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

BattleComp, a new and very popular compensator on the rifle market, has once again sold out of their BC 2.0 and has also announced they are working on a 24×1.5 AKBC for the near future. The 1.5s are now back in stock and they’re working diligently to restock the others.

Chances are you’ve seen BCs before, even if you weren’t aware that was what you were seeing (they’ve been to Haley, Costa, Rogers, Vickers and other classes, often appearing on instructor rifles). The BattleComp is exactly what the name implies, a “Battle Compensator”. It is not intended to be the best muzzle brake or best flash hider on the market and doesn’t claim to be. However, they do claim to be the best combination of the two, and the most well rounded. Most reports we’ve found seem to support this assertion. (There are two common “schools of thought” when it comes to modifying a rifle barrel—either flash hider or a muzzle brake…BC’s designers basically said, “Why can’t we combine the two?”)

“You can run a dual port break in a shoot house or a target structure,” says Alan Normandy of BattleComp, “but the fireball and the concussion will make people not want to be standing right next to you. You need something to tame the concussion and mitigate the flash. Muzzle brakes as previously designed did nothing about the flash…given the choice between the two, a lot of cops go with flash hiders because they’re cheaper and because they can train to accommodate the recoil management…you can’t train to accommodate flash. We figured, there’s gotta be a way to do both…we should be able to have something acceptable in each category…”

That led to the development of the BattleComp. Note: the 1.0 is a standard BattleComp. The 1.5 has an extended hood on it so it would meet the 16” barrel length required for people running a 14.5” barrel (surprisingly, this is one of their most popular models). The 2.0, which came out back in January, is starting to outsell the 1.0. It is configured for the addition of a silencer on the end. Most BCs you see will be on AR15s, but they’ve appeared on long guns, FALs, AK74s, 6.8 SPC rifles, the .300 Blackout and other weapons (and is the standard compensator on most War Sport and Legion Firearms rifles).

For more information, check out the BattleComp web page or find them on FaceBook.