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War Sport, LLC to Unveil New Product at 2016 NRA Annual Meeting

Robbins, North Carolina – 11 May 2016

War Sport, LLC is excited to announce the debut of their highly anticipated S-9 at the 2016 NRA Annual Meetings in Louisville, Kentucky. The War Sport S-9 is a 9mm carbine that is built on the AR platform and utilizes the popular Glock magazines.

“It’s been an phenomenal year thus far for us at War Sport and with the upcoming release of the S-9 we couldn’t be more excited!”, says President of War Sport, Pat Forbis. “Our customers have been asking for a 9mm and we have answered back with a product made with the same quality and precision our customers have come to expect from us.”
War Sport will be offering the S-9 in three variants: 16” Carbine, 8.5” PDW, and an 8.5” pistol version. Production will begin in approximately 12 weeks with a variety of other options for customers to choose from, making the S-9 customizable to ones specific needs.

War Sport, LLC prototype S-9 8.5” PDW

War Sport will be located at booth number 4253 at the Kentucky Exposition Center, May 19 – May 22. The S-9 will be on display for the entire duration of the show for attendees to experience.

For more information about War Sport, LLC and products they currently offer visit the website at: www.warsport-us.com, or find them on social at: www.facebook.com/WarSportLLC, www.instagram.com/warsport.


14 Responses to “War Sport, LLC to Unveil New Product at 2016 NRA Annual Meeting”

  1. Jack Griffin says:

    Cleaned up New Frontier Armory lower?

  2. Mike says:

    Trident arms has been doing this for a while.


    • Who cares? This is about War Sport’s new gun.

    • SSD says:

      Yeah, Colt did it first.

      • Shiftee says:

        Define first. It’s amusing to offer Colt as a supporting statement in argument that another manufacture was not the “first” to offer a product based off of an AR platform.

        • SSD says:

          First 9mm AR.

          • Shiftee says:

            I understood that point. My point was that Colt has made a living over the past few decades manufacturing an AR variant that they weren’t the “first” to develop yet I don’t hear people throw out the origins of the AR every time Colt, or anyone else) releases a new offering to their product line. Perhaps I phrased my response incorrectly, my point was simply that Mike’s original comment is irrelevant because there are very few “firsts” when it comes to any manufacturer releasing anything AR.

  3. PPGMD says:

    I wish they would provide some reason for us to be excited about their new product. From the picture it doesn’t seem all the different from the dozen or so entries already on the market.

    • Johnny P says:

      It will cost a whole lot more than the other on the market though!

      • 18Derp says:

        I’m 99% positive it will have the exact same issues as every other 9mm AR where the bolt and spring aren’t proper specs to suppress this gun, so it’ll run awful just like every other 9mm AR…

        Kewl :/

  4. IW says:

    Who makes that stock?