SOTech to Unveil New IFAK at SOMA

SOTech will unveil their new Flat IFAK the the SOMA Conference (Booth 531) in Tampa, FL this weekend.

SOTech designed their new Flat Individual First-Aid Kit to be less cumbersome when mounted on equipment like belts and armor vests. Many IFAKs stick out from a vest or belt and hang up on vehicle seats, doorways, and other hazards.

The Flat IFAK allows ambidextrous deployment via handles mounted on either side of the insert. Once deployed the envelope-style insert may then be temporarily closed using the cinch string and hung around the neck or stuffed quickly into a cargo pocket, allowing weapons manipulation or to free up the user’s hands for extraction/movement of the patient. This is a great feature since oftentimes, it is difficult to reattach the IFAK insert to equipment for further transport.

The Flat IFAK is approximately the same thickness as SOTech’s VIPER Plate Carrier, allowing it to be mounted to their BLOCS Padded Armor Belt below the plate carrier giving the wearer flat back profile when sitting in a vehicle or a helicopter. It is MOLLE compatible with is outfitted with SOTech’s patented Flex-Tab attachment system. The Flat IFAK is sold as a kit along with the BLOCS Quick Eject Tourniquet Carrier.

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7 Responses to “SOTech to Unveil New IFAK at SOMA”

  1. Doc Steel says:

    Any word on when it will we release to to general public? Or gets an nsn? My sniper platoon would LOVE this

  2. Doc Steel says:

    Any word on when it will get release to to general public? Or gets an nsn? My sniper platoon would LOVE this

  3. Justin says:

    I think that these new streamlined IFAK’s are a step in the right direction, hopefully big Army gets the memo.

  4. Doug E. Doug says:

    Easily the most obnoxious piece of kit, made into a streamlined attachment? Sign me up! Two points of interest, though:

    1: Needs to be able to be opened with one hand, even if its from an awkward angle – no one wants to play fat-guy-in-a-little-coat when the wrong people are bleeding. Looks like it’s possible but never know till you ask!

    2: How stable of a mounting platform does it make? It takes up a lot of real estate, but who cares if it there are zero drawbacks and only positives.

  5. Joshua says:

    what helmet are they wearing?

  6. Res says:

    @Joshua, A-Alpha from PT Helmets I think, here is a link to one of Soldier System’s advertiser:

    About the IFAK, looks like a great design, with more and more people having separated medical gear (items to use on themselves, and items to be used by their mates if he gets shot/step a mine/…) the bulk of the IFAKs is going to be reduced. As for access, the last couple years I’ve been using a Blue Force Gear TKN mounted downwards with an added buckle retention, worked great. Now a Tier-One QS slick IFAK on the armored belt and a medical insert in a 2-mag pouch in the front of the plate carrier. Hope SOTech puts these IFAKs for sale soon.

  7. Joshua says:

    @Res Thank you very much