Kifaru Woobie Update

Kifaru has updated their website with some photos of the newest version of their reversible Woobie/Doobie in Coyote and MultiCam. Combining RhinoSkin Shell with ClimaShield combat insulation, it makes a great replacement for the issue poncho liner.


9 Responses to “Kifaru Woobie Update”

  1. Matt says:

    What’s interesting about the Multicam Woobie is that you get an appreciate for how unidirectional the Multicam pattern really is.

  2. Buckaroomedic says:

    Kifaru’s Woobie is the best. I’ve got one of the original ones and it has kept me toasty warm on many nights! It still goes everywhere with me. Get one.

  3. RobD says:

    Would be nice if they made a version that is MultiCam and Snow cammo. When above the snowline you use one side, when below you use the other. Would be useful in OEF.

  4. Ken says:

    You know, I just want to say that I love these Military model guys looking like complete ass when in the uniform…

  5. Ex11A says:

    Agree with Ken, if the company is going to have someone dress up and play Soldier, then have him follow the grooming standards.

  6. FLC says:

    That woobie advert is a total fail
    facial hair
    blue jeans
    crap boots
    what else?

    Good to know the woobie is quality, but have you seen the price?

  7. Matt says:

    In regard to Kifaru’s model, I am wondering how they got Seth Rogen to do a photo shoot for them?

  8. B_A says:

    yeah, the beard is not right.

    it isn’t massive enough!

  9. Jelly says:

    Just noticed that Kifaru changed the picture/model. Now I can by one with a clear conscious.