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This is pretty amazing. Looxcie is a video camera that you wear on your ear like a bluetooth headset earphone. Once turned on it records everything in a POV (Point of View) format. It can store data in its buffer, send clips to your email and social media, or stream it live through a wireless connection to viewers of your choice. The possibilities are pretty exciting. In fact, Looxcie is already in use with Kenya’s Rangers who protect wildlife from poachers.

To share clips with your friends using Flashbax, “When something cool happens, simply press the instant clip button to get the last 30 seconds. Press the button longer and the instant clip is immediately shared to your social network.

Looxcie Live is your opportunity to broadcast what you see discreetly with those you choose via different smartphone app. The broadcast is also available on the Looxcie Live server for up to 24 hours for review with full archiving coming soon. Additional features include text chat and Push-to-talk voice cues to provide feedback to the broadcaster.

This isn’t science fiction or government-only, TLA tech. It’s available now.


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  1. Strike-Hold! says:

    That is cool!