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New Kifaru Woobie Image

Since apparently guys wearing jeans can’t use woobies, Kifaru has succumbed to pressure from those who won’t buy anything from them anyway and put up a new photo of the excellent reversible MultiCam to Coyote Woobie.

Woobies rock. Get yours at and send us a photo of you using it while wearing jeans. We’ll reward you with an SSD morale patch.



19 Responses to “New Kifaru Woobie Image”

  1. Richard says:

    I love my woobie. It’s made with real Unicorn hide and stuffed with honey badger fur. I’m definitely taking a photo using it wearing jeans.

  2. steve says:

    “”excellent draping properties”” LOL

  3. steve says:

    Just went back and re-read the original thread with the “unacceptable” image…..and wow the comments were retarded.

  4. Travis says:

    Exactly why I recommended not opening up SSD to comments…I love Kifaru kit. I have bet my life on it, and it has been up to the task. When it was drug behind a HMMWV for 3k we had to have the armorer beat the SASR back together with a hammer, but the Navigator it was strapped to wasn’t harmed at all.

  5. FLC says:

    $150.00 bucks for a Woobie! You are right, I wont be buying one!

    • Administrator says:

      This isn’t an issue poncho liner. In fact, other than basic concept NOTHING is the same.

      • cyoung says:

        Yes, that means no more hooking your toes on one of loose quilting stitches. Vast improvement I just wish it packed a little smaller.

  6. John Denny says:

    Good God… some people can’t be happy unless they have some BS reason to complain. The real reason I’m not going to buy one is because they didn’t use a half-naked Tac Girl to model it… damn it, what were they thinkin’?! Would you guys accept a photo of a hottie in jean cut-offs, modeling a woobie?

  7. Rick says:

    I had one in my dismount kit in Afghanistan. Used it more than I ever thought. They are seriously the one of the best things that makes the mountains of RC-East just a bit more bearable. I cant recommend them enough.

    I have two of the new ones Im giving away as christmas presents. Where do you want the pictures sent?

  8. Ken says:

    Listen, if you’re in the uniform you will adhere to proper grooming standards. If you’ve never served, stfu.

  9. Ken says:

    Also, did you guys really need to post this again? You want us to calm down with the comments, but yet you want to push peoples buttons knowing you’re going to start a sh$t storm of negative comments again? No too smart..

  10. deadcat says:

    You people are seriously complaining about Kifaru’s use of a model cause he is wearing jeans and got his Chuck Norris on? How about Kifaru started as a hunting pack company, and still are. They don’t fall under UCMJ, leave ’em alone.

    As to the dudes complaining about the price, you get what you pay for with them. You have no problem spending money on crack, spend it on a good piece of equipment.

  11. packtray says:

    “Kifaru has succumbed to pressure from those who won’t buy anything from them anyway”


  12. Ken says:

    You guys are absolutely right. I buy from Mystery Ranch 😉

  13. Rob says:

    Love the “re-post”…too funny!