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N-Vision to Show Long Range Surveillance Monocular at SHOT

N-Vision Optics LRS Long Range Surveillance Monocular

One of the things that makes this Gen 3 night vision device worth note is that it is compatible with Nikon and Canon SLR Cameras and their lenses. It can be attached to the chassis and placed between the camera and lens in order to create a long range night vision camera. Visit N-Vision at SHOT Show in Booth #20034.


3 Responses to “N-Vision to Show Long Range Surveillance Monocular at SHOT”

  1. Jungle recon says:

    TSE has been doing this for years.

  2. charlie says:

    What’s REALLY cool is that the monocular has user-replaceable optics, allowing you to choose which focal length best suits your mission. The big downside to nighttime photo-surveillance using standard military monoculars is that you’re stuck with the built in focal length which was designed for wide-angle view not long distance photo-surveillance. You can add magnifiers onto the monoculars but that’s a ungainly solution.

  3. Travis says:

    The MSIDS kit has a set 14’s with an adapter for the camera. Was a good alternative if you couldn’t get a long exposure.