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12 Days of Tactical Christmas – Day #8

Todays’ prize is the Massif Flame Stretch FR Beanie in Black with Grey stitching. Made from Massif’s ultra-soft Flamestretch fabric, this Nomex® beanie is soft, comfortable and formfitting. Designed to fully cover your ears yet fit under a helmet.

Also, don’t forget, today’s winners as well as every other winner, will receive a 2012 Tac Girls Calendar. (Just the calendar, not any of the girls)

To Enter
Enter your answer to today’s question in the comment section of THIS post, here on SSD. Today’s question is, “FR – Do you use it or not?”

Don’t dilly dally. We could close comments at any time. And, remember to use a valid email address so we can inform you in case you win. One entry per email address per contest. You have to enter each one separately in order to win.

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196 Responses to “12 Days of Tactical Christmas – Day #8”

  1. HalP says:

    FR me use if you no pay extra. But FR me like.

  2. BATTMAN says:

    FR- YES Any time when I levae the wire and at work 100% of the time here or there. When traveling, I have looked for Long Sleves collar FR shirts for traveling.

  3. steve says:

    i would use it for work

  4. Robby Henrichs says:

    Not since my Navy days deep in the bowels of ship. However I am bit of a hothead so this might keep my noggin from bursting into flames…

  5. Joe B says:

    Haven’t used it

  6. Andy says:

    Only sometimes

  7. Marmatt says:

    Gloves and wool base layers.

  8. jjonesn says:

    Yes and no. Gloves and combat shirt yes. Pants and acu top usually no. Shits itchy.

  9. David Rawlings says:

    Yes at work.

  10. Scott Taylor says:

    Rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it 😉

  11. Matt says:

    I don’t typically use it.

  12. DeltaNate says:

    Haven’t used it but have headed very very good things.

  13. Bullets says:

    No. Never have.

  14. Jesse says:

    Yes, I use it!

  15. scott s says:

    i don’t use FR currently but it’s not necessary for my current job or situation, but if I need it I’ll use it.

  16. Per says:

    I use it

  17. Slopes says:


  18. jack says:

    EOD tech: I use FR, but the army sure as hell doesn’t issue it to me.

  19. Darin says:

    YUP, everyday at work.

  20. Stu C. says:

    Definitely use it, you just never know when someone is gonna get froggy and try to set you on fire. the FROG we get now is light years ahead of the stuff I used a few years ago.

  21. EMA99 says:

    I have FR gloves and undershirts, but I don’t wear them on a daily basis.

  22. Eric says:

    Haven’t used it.

  23. Josh says:

    None for me.

  24. Max says:

    Nope- but but probably should.

  25. Don H says:

    Not every day, but I wear it when I am on milair.

  26. Never except when I was aircrew years ago.

  27. Bill H says:

    Have it, but don’t always use it.

  28. Clayton says:

    Not been issued yet – so no.

  29. Jay says:

    don’t use it

  30. Arthur says:

    I do have some FR but not much. What I do have I do wear.

  31. Travis says:

    Cant say I do

  32. Mike Hull says:

    Don,t have it, but would be beneficial during eradication when your a spotter

  33. Min says:

    Not currently using it, but beginning to think it’s a viable expenditure.

  34. Bobby M says:

    I use FR all the time, especially when deployed.

  35. paul says:

    Don’t usually have it, but probably should.

  36. tommy eversole says:

    use it for work.

  37. Greg says:

    yep, work, and SAR call outs if required

  38. Shayne says:


  39. Pete says:

    FR – sure!

    I do need more though!

  40. Nan Taylor says:

    nope. dont use it

  41. Paul says:

    Gimme! 🙂
    Firefighter EMT

  42. travis says:

    no-but hope to soon.

  43. Chuck says:

    Don’t use it but sure would like to.

  44. Will says:


  45. Craig says:

    I really haven’t, when we deployed one of the other soldier’s families bought everyone FR balaclavas but they were bright white and hot as hell, not the best conditions for combat ops in Iraq. Now something more suiting to the tactical situation, I would rock it in a heart beat.

  46. Will says:

    I do not

  47. Adam says:

    I do not use fr.

  48. Tango says: