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Skedco Comes Off The Debarred List

Skedco is no longer on the Excluded Parties List System and is no longer debarred from doing business with the US Government. No further details are available.



10 Responses to “Skedco Comes Off The Debarred List”

  1. Army doc says:

    Hmm didn’t know anything about this haha… Must not have lasted long. The skedco litter and headlamps are apart of every MES kit for army combat units. The litter at least is one of a kind from what I’ve seen and definitely a requirement in today’s operations. No other company makes something like it. No way this would of lasted long.

    • Administrator says:

      Actually, at least two other companies make products like the Sked stretcher. Do your research Doc.

      • Army doc says:

        The closest thing I’ve seen being remotely close to the sked is the foxtrot litter but they still have huge differences. On second note the Oregon spine splint in MES kits is also sourced from skedco.

        • condemnedship6 says:

          Doc, I have some experience with this issue as a log officer for a USASOC unit. Skedco (the company) was prohibited from doing business with the US Government. That does not prohibit the US Government from buying Skedco products from a 3rd party vendor. Most kits or equipment sets (MES’s, ECWCS, SFLCS, PCU etc.) are purchased from 3rd party vendors, such as ADT, who assemble the kits with equipment from multiple manufacturers. Take a look at your ECWCS, all of it is made by different manufacturers, the Army doesn’t do 47 contracts to get that one kit.

  2. Lightfighter says:

    So how does one discover the real reasons for being on the list ? Was it back taxes ? Issues relating to the employment of illegal aliens ? Berry amendment ?


    • Army doc says:

      Actually googled it and was for skedco giving a dod official $365,000 to help skedco obtain more contracts or something along that nature.

  3. Mike D says:

    I’m confused by the wording here. Does this mean they are in fact barred from dealing with the US Gov again? They’re off of the debarred list, which sounds almost like a double negative to me. I knew they were barred for some dealings in the USASOC community, didn’t know if there was something new that came up.

    • Administrator says:

      They are free to do business with the Government.

    • John M. Denny says:

      If you dictionary the word “Debarred” it will make sense (it’s from the french, which explains a lot)

  4. Will says:

    Skedco was operating in a less than honorable manor. He had a Lt. Colonel he was paying to push contracts, and offered a job when he retired.
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