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Quiet Loop Released In Time For SHOT Show

Already in use on several issue military uniforms, Quiet Loop is being officially released just in time for SHOT Show. Take a look at this video to get an idea of what it’s all about.

Developed by Propel LLC, a woman owned small business which has bee instrumental in military textiles, Quiet Loop is already integrated into SOCOM’s Protective Combat Uniform Levels 9 and 6 in the AOR1, AOR2 and MultiCam patterns. Based on increasing demand, Propel has now expanded manufacturing capacity for new DOD and tactical customers. Quiet Loop was developed in close collaboration with the US Army Natick Research, Design and Engineering Center and Propel was even awarded an Army funded R&D contract for this work. Natick tested the Propel product and their field testing has demonstrated how quiet it is. In fact, we’ve heard audio files collected during testing and it’s amazing how much more quiet it is than standard hook and loop configurations. Additionally, Quiet Loop exhibits great NIR and camouflage print definition which, when combined with the audio signature advances, contributes to an enhanced overall signature management effort.

Propel stocks Quiet Loop in Multicam VS, and with their unique printing process they can rapidly develop and print any other pattern with small minimums. At SHOT Show you’ll see Quiet Loop in the PenCott family of camouflage patterns from Hyde Definition and in new camouflage patterns from Orion Design Group.

Propel was founded in 2006 and is involved in multiple R&D efforts for enhanced Soldier and Firefighter protection. They also work with D3O, the UK impact protection technology that is also used in Level 9 PCU, and developed and manufacture the US Army’s FR Ghillie Yarn Accessory Kit among several other cool projects. If the project requires the development of a new military textile, Propel is most likely involved.



8 Responses to “Quiet Loop Released In Time For SHOT Show”

  1. Strike-Hold! says:

    If its not Quiet Loop, then its too damn loud! 😉

  2. John Denny says:

    That’s better, but there is still noise. I hate apparel/equipment that makes noise.

  3. Jack says:

    I wonder if it lasts any longer than the regular hook and loop on the issued uniforms? Anything quieter is a good start, but I hope someday we will realize that noise discipline still matters to every soldier and go back to buttons, at least on the pockets. Cheap, reliable, almost silent and a quick field repair.

  4. Amy Hammond says:

    Great job, Clare! I look forward to seeing you at SHOT

  5. TTe says:

    YOu need a more quiet hook and loop only for the pocket closure and you need camo printed loop only where your insignias,badge are. Combination is likely a waste ,taking into account as well that new technology always comes in more cost.

  6. Red says:

    I agree with what most of you have said… Bring back buttons on the pockets. Having the blended loop material for nametapes, rank, insignias, etc is a great idea.