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More Magpul Products

Thanks to anonymous benefactor, we are able to share the rest of Magpul’s pre-SHOT Show promotional literature. All of the products have already been released via a variety of means and some items, such as the MS3 sling are already available for sale. All-in-all, these scans give you a better look at these items such as the SGA 870 stock.

Click on any of the 8 images below to see it full size.


2 Responses to “More Magpul Products”

  1. DOA_Duck says:

    Soldier Systems Obviously has a generous benefactor. Thank you very much for publishing this information! Has anyone noticed the small notation on the MOE rifle stock advertisement? There seems to be reference to two types of stock that haven’t been announced yet. The FCS and ATR.

  2. Reptar says:

    Why is there never love for the 590?