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Sig Sauer Adaptive Carbine Platform

Sig Sauer is unveiling their new Adaptive Carbine Platform at SHOT Show. It provides three advantages. It will accept virtually any pistol with a Mil Std 1913 rail without modification, it offers the increased stability of shooting a carbine and it expands the pistol’s adaptability by incorporating 1913 rails at the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions as well as a full-length rail along the top of the weapon.

It is offered in three models:
Basic Adaptive Carbine Platform (I think the name is going to be an issue, since it’s still just a pistol at this point)
ACP – Enhanced Platform with Red Dot Sight and Sling
ACP – LE Platform with Stock

As you can see from the photo and video they have integrated a handstop into the design to help protect those wandering fingers. Additionally, the ACP LE accepts a wire stock and features a single sling attachment point on the Enhanced and LE models.

To me, the most interesting thing about the ACP is that although it is marketed by Sig Sauer, it accepts virtually any pistol with a 1913 rail, regardless of make. I’m sure you will find some that don’t fit but the point of the exercise isn’t to find some obscure gun that nobody carries so you can say, “Told you so.” Of course, the ACP with stock will make your pistol an NFA gun, so it isn’t for everybody but I could see its use as a PDW with LE and security contractors in certain situations. And for those who can own one, it looks like a lot of fun.

Be sure to check it out at booth #12240.

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13 Responses to “Sig Sauer Adaptive Carbine Platform”

  1. steve says:

    This is about as useful as their “the lady” and “gambler” pistols

  2. Kiel says:

    That looks like an NFA violation waiting to happen.

    • Steve in Delray says:

      Only if the vert grip is deployed and the stock is attached. Remove the vert grip and say no to the stock and it’s concealable on a taller person with the shoulder sling.

  3. Lightfighter says:

    I don’t understand the utility either.

    If one needs a carbine or SMG they should bring it along with the side arm.

    If it’s left in a squad car and needs to be retrieved why would you not replace it with an actual M4, MP5 or shotgun etc ?

    Is one supposed to carry this thing around unattached and then when needed attach it and turn the weapon into a semi auto SMG ? That doesn’t make sense

    Put a red dot sight directly on the slide and if necessary use the existing hole on the grip for a lanyard / sling attachment

    It’s stunning that a company of seemingly smart people would waste all that time and money on this monstrosity .

  4. TM says:

    Face palm.

  5. Eric Rice says:

    I’m not sure that’s actually a “carbine.” It’s a pistol with a stock and a stretch in definition at best. Zero ballistic improvement over the pistol itself.

  6. steve says:

    smart people? Sig has bee pissing away their reputation for awhile now

  7. mike says:

    The amazing thing is that I had the Mako Group President show the SIG Sauer reps the FAB Defense KPOS after a discussion with him about how the platform would benefit the Coast Guard on-board various vessels where they are currently using the 229 in .40 unassisted. Everybody thought that was cool except the SIG reps, which dismissed the idea. What I’m looking at above me is a KPOS with no stock. Almost exactly.

    As far the advantages of the pistol-to-carbine conversion: in my experience if people need the explanation it won’t do any good. People usually either immediately get it or immediately dismiss it.

  8. Jason Lee says:

    Mike, I’m an open-minded guy without preconceptions on this particular item – I’m not running out to buy one, but I’m not dropping the idea out of hand either. Still, I don’t immediately get it, so please, ‘splain it to me?

  9. Cassino says:

    Before everyone turns their noses up at this, remember that the Israeli’s have incorporated and deployed their own version to incredible success! Try it, before you smash it! Cause you just won’t know until you do!

  10. mike says:

    Jason, quite simply it’s stability. Granted the stocked version (making it an SBR) is the basis for these statements, but handgun round are worth well more distance than our wobbly arms give them credit for. Add a stock and a foregrip and you’ve dramatically increased accuracy. Whether running, on a moving deck, or just plain standing still you can’t deny the advantage of shouldering something. Even without the stock and pushing off a sling for stability is a great help.

    Ease of maintenance is a big point of concern for me. I have no idea how to care for an MP5 (God forbid you need parts for one), but I know all about caring for the 22X SIG pistols and would feel much more comfortable addressing an issue with one over a dedicated SMG/Pistol caliber carbine.

    Simple expense is another point. I can’t afford (or find for that matter) a semi-auto MP5, but I can find a hundred different pistols that will work with this platform.

    Lights, lasers, optics, etc. Many people hate them, many people see the utility, many people are on the fence. Wherever you are on this, you have more real estate to load the thing down; for better or for worse.

    Weight. I love a big heavy pistol. They manage recoil better and it’s what I like my *preference*. Being able to take a lighter polymer pistol and give a bit more heft is attractive to me, especially for larger calibers. Compensators are awesome, this one just give you accessory rails.

    Removing the pistol from the holster and having it slung under a jacket is also extremely attractive to various folk with specific job requirements. Again, personal preference and opinion comes into play, but I think it would be much easier to lift one of these than remove it from a shoulder holster or any of the other concealment methods we have available. The added retention of a sling is nice as well.

    Again, this isn’t for everyone. Most of why I say “you either get it or you don’t” is because plenty of the people who don’t want it don’t need it and can’t justify it. There will be plenty of people who want these for toys just as there are those who will want them for work. Whatever your reasoning, the concept is a great one. (I happen to think FAB Defense/Mako Group KPOS system is better, though weapon specific)

  11. david says:

    has sig said anything about when their coming out for sale?….definitely gunna buy one ….possibilities are endless

  12. Luke says:

    Due to the lenght, I can see an application for home and vessal defense (if you own a Blue Water Boat). I can see putting my Glock in the APC, outfitted with a tachtical light and laser for low light before I go to bed. Then remove the pistol for daytime conceal carry without all the extra gadets attached. The LE version with the collapsble stock for three points of body contact in a short carbine style platform would be the ideal senario for accuracy and room clearing…but of course only avalible to military and LE, so guys like me are SOL. Besides the cool and pratical factors to consider, one would need to know the price to weigh all the PROs and CONs. For now I’ll stick with my modified Remington 870 and Glock 22 side arm for home and personal defense.