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CTOMS is debuting their new TRACE Systems (Tactical Rope Access and Confined-space Extraction Systems) at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market. These are a series of kits based on a 6mm rope system that offer a comprehensive capability. The kits have color designations for identification. The GREY Kit is the personal rope assault/escape kit, the BLUE Kit is an ascent supplement to the GREY Kit that allows an individual to ascend the rope.

Pictured above is the RED Kit, which is the tactical team kit. It includes a 25m rope (available stock in 16m, 25m and 60m and custom lengths), PocketHoistâ„¢ Litter (yes the small sack beside the rope is a hoistable litter), EdgeProâ„¢, 4 x Quickie Ascendersâ„¢, a Quickie Descenderâ„¢, 2 x 8mm coated Dyneema slings, 1.5mm Pilot Line, Rope Log, 2 x Phantom Screw Gate Caribiners, 1 x Phantom Wire Gate and a Screw Gate Revolver.

The kit is a micro system that turns about 40 lbs of ‘traditional’ rope equipment into about 8.5 lbs with significantly less bulk. All the while maintaining similar capabilities. With the system you can still raise and lower casualties, rappel and ascend a rope, set a fixed line, short rope over complex terrain, glacier travel, and even lead climb. However, the TTPs are very different though.

Visit CTOMS at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City, Utah in booth #38084.

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One Response to “CTOMS Debuts TRACE at OR”

  1. Big G says:

    2 per Squad please!

    This is great stuff, especially if you have to bail off a building or move a casualty to the 6th floor, etc.