Revision Introduces Sawfly Photochromic Eyewear System

Revision is introducing the Sawfly Photochromic Eyewear System. It features the ballistic photochromic Sawfly lens automatically darkens to a sunglass tint when exposed to sunlight and returns to its clear state in the absence of UV rays, providing a tactical edge in rapidly changing environments.

“Revision’s photochromic lens technology not only eliminates the need to switch lenses when transitioning between the indoors and outside, but also automatically adjusts to compensate for varying outdoor light levels allowing the end user to focus on his mission, not his eyepro,” commented Jonathan Blanshay, CEO of Revision. Revision’s Photochromic Sawfly lens takes only 60 seconds to change from its darkest state to almost clear, while most competitors’ lenses take more than twice as long to do the same. From the clear state to a light-grey lens tint capable of blocking sun glare, it takes only 20 seconds. “For military and tactical operators, faster photochromic lens change means enhanced visual performance when it’s most needed – in dynamic environments.”

Revision eyewear exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2010 and U.S. military ballistic impact requirements for spectacles (MIL-PRF-31013 clause while providing flawless optics and 100% UV protection. Look for them in March 2012.

They will be in SHOT Show booth #26011.

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9 Responses to “Revision Introduces Sawfly Photochromic Eyewear System”

  1. Nick The Brit says:

    But will they be on the APEL?

  2. Jack says:

    Will it still work with peaked headwear? Will probably work with helmet though.

    • Corey says:

      It is the same frame as the original Sawfly. The only difference is that it has a photochromic lens so you don’t have to switch between the clear and smoky lenses. You can definitely wear it with a helmet (a quick google search for “Revision sawfly” will show how it fits), and since it has the profile of regular sunglasses, it should work with peaked headwear.

  3. PLiner says:

    I highly doubt this version will ever be on the APEL since the lens is made in CHINA. Furthermore, Natick has said that they require a Photo-chromatic lens to transition in 3 seconds, something thats currently impossible to do and where they got that number from is anyones guess. I also question the veracity of the Press release on the ability to transition in 60/20 seconds, I throw the BS flag up on that one big time.

    • Winged warrior says:

      Revision Military products are all 100% made in the USA, by Americans, many of which have sons and daughters currently serving. So if your getting Revision APEL eyewear you can bet it’s made for Americas fighting forces by Americans. Wouldn’t it be great if the other eyewear companies would do the same…..

      Too many aren’t concerned with using tiawanese lenses…

      Revision Military… Proudly made in the USA.

  4. Vinny Vincent says:

    It has been my experience with transition lenses that they only work in direct sunlight. The patrol cap bill and darkness of vehicle interiors kept the lenses from going dark, even though the glare of the desert floor was overwhelming. At night, however, my vision couldn’t more clear.