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Forget all of the SHOT Show hype and enjoy a relaxing day at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market. While you’re there, make sure you check out Powertraveller in booth #31001E.

OTE has been named Powertraveller Worldwide’s Exclusive US Distributor and will handle all Tactical distribution in Canada as of 15 Jan, 2012. Powertraveller LTD is a UK based company founded and run by Jerry Ranger, Former Royal Marine Commando, SBS. OTE founder and CEO is a former member of Naval Special Warfare Command, SWCC. Powertraveller products Feature state of the art designs and are rugged and durable , built to withstand the elements and abuse in all climates and environments.

With US and Allied forces worldwide using more sophisticated, high tech electronics devices to shoot, move and communicate, Powertraveller products have stepped up to the plate and have delivered! With our battlefield strategies and life saving equipment constantly being improved and upgraded, PT’s products will ensure medics doing field surgery and life saving via Blackberry tablets and other devices have the sustained portable power needed during critical moments.

As and industry innovator and leader in Europe, Powetraveller has received the iAwards in 2009, Reddot Design awards in 2010 and 2011 and has had the distinguished honor of visiting the Queen of England to receive the Queen’s award for Enterprise Innovation!

Powertraveller, OTE, Granite Gear and Tactical Assault Systems (TAS) working in Conjunction with Justin Lichter AKA Trauma have combined to design lightweight Portable carrying solutions to meet the needs of our battlefield warriors. We have also heard a rumor that Powertraveller, OTE and Princeton Tec are teaming up for a future project so stand by!

PT’s storage devices utilize Lithium Polymer technologies and their panels use a patented MPPT, Maximum Power Point Tracking low light technology to capture and harness the sun’s energy. Powertraveller storage devices can be charged via the solar panel, USB port or AC mains chargers making their devices TRUE portable power!

So if you are looking for portable power on the go or you are looking to become an authorized reseller of Powertraveller Products Contact Outdoor Tactical Enterprises, or you can visit any of our authorized dealers or in the spring you can visit any REI store!

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2 Responses to “Powertraveller News”

  1. mike says:

    I have the PowerMonkey Extreme (Same kit as the Remington-branded image above) and it’s great. Has connectors for all sorts of things but the plain and simple fact is the battery pack with charge my HTC Incredible (with an extended battery) from zero to full five to seven times. The pack can be charged from an outlet, a 12volt source, a USB cable (even vampiring battery off of USB devices plugged into the charge end), and the solar panel. It charges in about 14 hours of moderate sunlight, maybe four or so hours on home power, and the other stuff varies from source to source. I’m a big electronics user and this kit was a no-brainer when it came into the shop; the surprise is how well it’s worked-out.

  2. Keld says:

    They are also available on most international flights in the dutyfree catalogue, although they dont exactly come with a MOLLE type pouch in those.