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Viper Headwear Announces the “Snake Eater”

Viper Headwear was started by a US Army SF vet. Their new “Snake Eater” is a fitted cap for tactical operators constructed from genuine Crye Precision Multicam® 50/50 Nylon/Cotton Cordura® material. Caps can be ordered with or without the 2″ x 3.5″ Velcro® loop material on the front of the cap, 1.5″ x 1.5″ loop on top, and 1″ x 4″ or 1″ x 6″ Velcro® loop material on the back for shorter 4-inch or standard 6-inch nametapes.

For added comfort when wearing communications headsets, this cap does not include the button on top and it features an unstructured, lower crown.



15 Responses to “Viper Headwear Announces the “Snake Eater””

  1. Giovani says:

    Getting rid of that rivet/brain-buster should be an industry standard.

  2. JP says:

    This is almost a carbon copy of Crye’s Shootr’s Cap that I’ve had for 3 or 4 years now. They just got rid of the adjustment strap an made it fitted, and rotated the top Velcro patch 45 degrees.


    • JP says:

      (note to self: start a home-based, veteran-owned small business making ball caps with no rivets, in current cammo patterns, with velcro patches)

    • shawn says:

      Than it’s not… It’s nothing like cry’s lol.
      It’s in multicam thats the only similarity.
      It’s fitted and not adjustable. That makes it a completely different style of cap.

      Therefor not making it a copy. Just because it’s MC

  3. Whokka says:

    @ JP,
    the crye cap has an adjuster at the rear… unless yours is special,
    these are fitted It seems so a little different!

  4. Its a hat. They’re bound to look a bit similar…

    What I see this as, is Viper (who was given feedback via SSD a few months back from readers) took what he got feedback-wise and put it into motion.

    Making positive changes based on consumer feedback is what good companies do.

    My only question: will it be coming in other colors?

  5. I lied. I have another question.

    Is it a true fitted hat? Or Flex Fit?

  6. Gear Guy says:

    Actually, it looks like a copy of the lightweight operator hat from Grey Ghost, http://www.greyghostgear.com/accessories/lightweight-operator-hat.

    Except it costs $9 more than the Grey Ghost hat and the GG has a flex fit feel to it.

  7. Red says:

    I started this company because adjustable caps didn’t fit/look right on my size 7 3/4 head and no one made a fitted cap at the time. Even now, no other company makes them in the smaller/larger sizes. I realize that there are SEVERAL companies that produce “operator” caps, but just like any piece of equipment whether it be boots, sights, armor, or headgear every operator has their own preferences.

    Shaggy – Our caps are not flex-fit. They are truly fitted in 11 sizes. The caps will be available in other colors/patterns soon. We’re negotiating licensing agreements with patented pattern owners. Tell your brother I owe him a cap.

    • Fuckin awesome.

      I’ll hit you up on email for a couple of these and ETAs on patterns. One specifically for him. He’s off doing the Cadre thing at Merrill right now, so he’s being a pain in someone else’s ass for a change. I’ll get his noggin measurements.

  8. Witchdoctor says:

    Why is there so much negativity? I own Crye’s cap, and I can tell you there are differences in the two. Not just in the fact that it’s fitted but, that the bill is stiffer, the material is somewhat thicker and probably a lot more durable in the long run. There has been a small demand for fitted caps and Viper Headwear has answered that demand. The Quiet Professional that was first developed had some issues that consumers had problems with and they were promptly addressed with a trial that was tested by military personnel and then fine tuned into the “snake eater.” I also own Grey Ghost’s fitted cap and I can say that I’m not a fan of their headband. Viper’s headband is much more comfortable. Also, with flexfit hats, the bands wear our and lose it’s elasticity over time.
    The guy started a small business for himself providing for consumers in a niche market. What’s the big deal? It’s a hat. There are tons of companies out there making multicam ball caps, he’s just another guy trying to run a business and provide for consumers. The fact that he sent out test models and surveyed the testers and used their input has got to say something. Why hate on the guy? Because he started a business and his only product is a ball cap? Every business has to start somewhere. Tactical Tailor started off small and look where they’re at today. I’m sure as he builds his capital and his business, he’ll offer other products. I mean, there’s companies out there that only specialize in belts! If that’s your thing, then cool, focus on making badass belts! But, how about we show Viper a little bit of respect and support an American businessman who’s just trying to make a living by making something for Joe that Joe will like. I mean after all, it’s not like he’s in the Fortune 500 and ripping off Joes with an inferior product that can get them killed.

  9. Terry says:

    Looks the goods to me – a fitted cap without one of those silly high peaks that a lot of Americans go for and no button? Count me in! The luxury of a hat that fits my giant head and doesn’t leave a cemicircle of sunburn at the back is something that I’m really excited about.

    As soon as some plain colours are available I’ll be putting in my order.

  10. MarkM says:

    No button? Good, I’ve been taking them off for over ten years. Fitted to exact sizing is nice, but that does require monthly haircuts. Not everyone – even on duty or active – can guarantee their dress cap does that, but you screw it on for a few hours and move on. Here, you’ll need a bigger one for winter use to cover the headover or beanie.

    Oh, just leave it off? Then were talking two season use, it’s only a nice weather item.

    Ball caps are America’s #1 style, I wear them – but only in uniform when required. Otherwise, no. It’s not a baseball game, the style is distinctive, easily acquired visually, and identifies the wearer to the surrounding observer. Some jobs require that, sure. In MC, no. A ball cap compromises exactly why you’re using camo.

    No doubt these will sell well, but it’s not field tactical headgear. Ball caps as a whole aren’t top of the list, and as far as some are concerned, rank in the Maxpedition class of wannabe gear for sedentary used to be’s. If I need one I’ll get it from a rural lumberyard, and it’ll keep my noggin warm enough chainsawing or running the splitter.

    Headgear in the field will likely conform to the principles of camo – break up the outline, not enhance and exaggerate it. A boonie cap does that better. Ball caps are Blackwater/paid operator – Shoot Me First.