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Platatac Nomad Pack

Platac’s tagline for the new Nomad Pack is “Overt is the New Covert”. The idea is to hide in plain sight and the Nomad does that. Appearing as a mild mannered commuter pack, the Nomad is specifically designed to accommodate the HK-G36C and Short Barreled M4 Carbine variants. Thanks to an ingenuous hideaway extender sleeve it will also fit longer barreled weapons.

It has hideaway straps for use as carry-on luggage, or you can criss-cross the shoulder straps to make a sling bag. Additionally, the interior of the main compartment includes PALS webbing. Yes, it’s available in MultiCam but the Black and Grey combo looks pretty good for playing the Grey Man

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6 Responses to “Platatac Nomad Pack”

  1. Frank says:

    I have yet to see this company produce anything that is innovative at all.

    • DM says:


      Can you please provide some examples of current innovation, in the Covert arena of the Tactical Industry? I would love to see what you have in mind.

  2. MarkM says:

    If being innovative was all that important, half the gear on the market would dissappear, and only Colt would sell AR15’s.

    They ARE being innovative, somebody finally listened and the pack isn’t camo. If all you could get was camo patterns, how innovative would that be?Not.

    Count up the number of chest carriers with Pals webbing on them and it’s obvious this industry isn’t about innovation, it’s about getting a DOD contract.

  3. Dan says:

    This is nice. EMDOMUSA’s TNT GYM-E Bag is pretty nice n covert too.

    • I see what you mean but... says:

      Yes, they’re the same except this one is a backpack and available for order and the EMDOM bag is a duffel and a Pre-order.

  4. Dan says:

    EMDOM bag now available from SKD Tactical FYI only. Cheers.